BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa Named Top Fashion Influencers

According to a new report, the four most influential people in the fashion world in 2022 were Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisamembers of BLACKPINK. According to the list, which has the oldest of the band in first place, the idols and global ambassadors of various luxury brands, surpassed Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Zendaya and Bella Hadid.

Top 10 fashion influencers of 2022

The kpop It is a global success phenomenon and the brands know it. The groups of korean popwhose artists are called idolsthey broke all borders and have succeeded on all continents, especially among young people, who help expand their global dominance through social networks with millions of interactions.

“K-Pop idols took over fashion in 2022”says the report published by the influencer marketing platform leftywhich in 2021 was acquired by the influential and respected fashion agency Karla Otto.

Jisoomember of BLACKPINK, the biggest girl group in the worldtops the list, followed by her groupmates Rosé, Jennie Y smooth. The four idols are ambassadors for various luxury clothing and jewelry brands, among other brands.

Jisoo influencer of the year

Jisoo, global ambassador for Dior and Cartier, was the top performing fashion influencer in 2022 and was named influencer of the year. “Her 48 posts of her generated $198 million in added value for Dior in 2022, with a high level of engagement of 9.55%.”

Celine Mensho of the Year

On the other hand, the men’s show of the year was won by the Celine SS23 parade. The firm highlighted the presence of Lisa, global brand ambassador, as potential for success. Thanks to the publications idol during your visit accounted for 39% of all cumulative VEM during the Menswear SS23 collection. Compared with AW22, Celine experienced a staggering +955% EMA growth. Together with Lisa they were also V of bts and the actor Park Bogumbrand new ambassador of the brand.

On September 28, 2022, rose took over the night of the presentation of the spring-summer 2023 collection of yves st laurent, a luxury house of which she is a global ambassador. An excited crowd awaited her outside the hotel and the parade.

The screams continued when the BLINKs who were waiting for her in the parade saw her get out of the vehicle that was carrying her. After waving and throwing hearts, even though the fences were far away, Rosé was greeted by Rosé with the YSL CEO, Francesca Bellettini.

After finishing the parade of the Italian designer Anthony Vaccarello (Saint Laurent creative director), Rosé was personally escorted by YSL’s VIP Director, emmanuel tomasinYo. She even stopped traffic already in the car because the fans and other people who came by wanted to say hello.

On October 4, in the middle of a strong security device due to the fact that he had received threats from a stalker, Jenny of BLACKPINK attended the parade Chanela luxury brand that represents as a global ambassador, within the framework of the Fashion Week in Paris.

in the middle of guards Y a crowd screaming his nameWaiting for her outside the Grand Palais Éphémère in Paris, the 27-year-old South Korean singer, rapper, dancer and lyricist got out of the vehicle that was carrying her and immediately became the “main event”. After the show, Jennie again received the euphoria of the fans who were still waiting for her. Visibly happy, Jennie waved into the distance and shared smiles with everyone.

What brands represent BLACKPINK

  • Jisoo she is a global ambassador for Dior, Dior Beauty, Cartier and Adidas. The four members also collaborate with Oreo and Adidas, among other firms.
  • Jenny She is a global ambassador for Chanel, Coco Crush by Chanel, Hera, Calvin Klein, KT Corporation, TAMBURINS, Chum Churum and Adidas. As part of the Sonderwunsch program in collaboration with Porsche Korea, she has built her own personal dream car based on the Taycan 4S Cross Turismo.
  • rose she is a global ambassador for Saint Laurent, Tiffany & Co, YSL Beauty, Sulwhasoo.
  • smooth is a global ambassador for Celine by Hedi Slimane, Bvlgari, MAC, Acme de la vie, Chivas Regal, dentist .

Who are the fashion influencers of 2022?

  1. Jisoo
  2. rose
  3. Jenny
  4. smooth
  5. kim kardashian
  6. zendaya
  7. Bella Hadid (named model of the year)
  8. Kylie Jenner
  9. Cha Eun-woo of the K-pop boy group Astro
  10. billie eilish

Jisoo’s impact on Dior

In April 2022 Jisoo became a worldwide trend (as basically happens with every step she takes alone or with BLAKCPINK) on all social networks due to her presence in the parade Dior Fall 2022 Fashion Showwhich was held at Ewha Women’s University, one of the most prestigious houses of higher education in South Korea. The renowned house decided to hold the event in honor of the member of BLACKPINK who is global brand ambassador deluxe.

Maria Grazia Chiuri, Jisoo and Pietro Beccari
Maria Grazia Chiuri, Jisoo and Pietro Beccari

Maria Grazia Chiuricreative director of Dior, decided to hold the show in the birthplace of the idolambassador and muse of the French firm, something never done before.

In September 2022 attended the Fashion Week of Paris What Dior global ambassador and the world once again witnessed the commotion caused by his presence. A crowd lined up outside the venue to receive her, despite the heavy rain that was falling at the time.

Previously, the same thing had happened at Dior Spring Summer 2022. The madness for Jisoo was total.

2019 was the first time Jisoo was seen wearing Dior pieces, then she was named beauty ambassador for the line of cosmetics and skincare. Y in 2021 she was named a global ambassador for the house. The house French named her muse for the AW21 collection. Several of the looks in that line were inspired by her.

was the same Dior CEO Pietro Beccariwho told her manager, in front of her, that if Y.G. (YG Entertainment, the South Korean entertainment company to which it belongs) kicked her out, he wants her entirely for the firm.

The success of naming her global ambassador made since then The brand’s social networks will increase in followers, traffic and likes. The products have been constantly sold out and even Dior sales rose by 484%. The posts of the singer – who has more than 64 million followers on Instagram – are the ones that cause the most stir Her presence at every Dior event becomes crazy due to the fans (Blinks), with whom the group has a consolidated relationship and close.

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