Blade, Secret Invasion or Avengers?

    I don’t know about you, but after enjoying the latest Marvel Studio movie Werewolf by Night, Curse of the Werewolf, what I’m thinking about is where are we going to go back to Elsa Bloodstone (Laura Donelly), first of all; Jack Russell (Gael García Bernal) and Ted the Man-Thing (Carey Jones). Because they open the doors to the best of Marvel, which basically is the possibility of bringing their characters together in any of their series: in the comics Elsa Bloodstone has recently done pandi with Moon Knight, the Man-Thing, Doctor Strange and Iron Fist, but he has also done Pineapple with Black Knight (the character that Kit Harington officially brings to life in the MCU), with Deadpool himself and he wanted to kill him Frank Castle, a certain Punisher. But the fact is that he has also been with Jessica Jones in an arc in which, badabum, Mary Jane Watson was also there (it was a digital original, but it tasted like heaven to me, what do you want me to tell you). There is more, but this is just so you can see the potential that exists in Marvel comics and what the Marvel Studios telefilm on Disney Plus really achieves. Now everything is possible, but, of course, within the framework of the MCU. Seeing the grill it is logical to lower our smoke and be realistic. Will it be November 3, 2023 in the movie of Blade? Will it be November 7, 2025 in Avengers: Secret Wars, in the adaptation of the arc in which Elsa has to protect the battlefield from the zombie invasion? Or will we have more luck and it will be before, in the spring of 2023, in the Marvel series secret invasion, in which a vampire threat brings together Blade, the Black Knight and a few other dark characters? In between is, of course, the possibility that these same characters will already appear in Disney Plus series such as whatif (Season 2 is planned sometime in the first quarter of 2023) and in Marvel Zombies (planned for 2024), but I was referring to his next big appearance in a big way. We believe that the key is in the character of Elsa Bloodstone, her relationships (with a specific character) and her powers and role (controlling monsters and everything that has to do with dark magic). And it’s all also a matter of timing.

    What we are clear about is that werewolf by night It is not going to become a series now (what a shame) for which all the monstrous monsters of Marvel’s life parade (and that one day Morbius will be done justice), nor is it going to have a second part (what a shame bigger still) in which to return to have a refreshing story without the need to know the past, present and future of Marvel. The curse of the werewolf on Disney Plus is a full-fledged Marvel experiment to tell the stories Marvel wants to tell in theatrical format (that’s where streaming comes in too) and present the characters it wants to present in a new, less compromising format than a mini-series, which a series and that obviously a movie. Marvel Studios began to make way for their monsters in the post credits of Eternalsunofficially introduced to Blade, raised the tone of the most terrifying version of Marvel in Doc Strange 2 (although he left scenes in the inkwell) and now he has introduced three important characters for Marvel at a stroke: the Werewolf, Elsa Bloodstone and the Man-Thing. The Werewolf, who doesn’t seem to get excited, also has crumb, apart from the fact that he is connected to Morbius (untouchable I understand after Jared Leto’s grotesque), and has the clear connection in the MCU with Moon Knight, whom the audience knows well. With the Man-Thing it would be more complicated, but not impossible. And then there’s Elsa Bloodstone. At Esquire we bet to see you soon in the series secret invasionwhat they do not remove that they repeat in Blade Y Avengers: Secret Wars. The easy thing, the comfortable thing (and the most SEO) would be to connect them with the Avengers, but we do not get Secret Invasion out of our heads, the series that is just around the corner. Yes, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and whatever character Emilia Clarke plays are going to take all the limelight, but we see these new underdogs (we love you Ted!!!!) in secret invasion. We begin our argument.

    Laura Donnelly is Elsa Bloodstone in Marvel Studios Werewolf by Night

    Marvel Studios

    Apart from the fact that everything is possible, that any cameo can make sense if it is well written, acted and directed, the most feasible connection is this: is Marvel really going to be able to have Emilia Clarke in the same saga? and not wanting to join him with Kit Harington and make a meeting (so, without an accent, in the Anglo-Saxon way) that would leave Friends and the like at the height of shoe polish? Well no, he’s not going to quit. So if you bring Black Knight, I mean, Kit Harington, you bring his friends, dark magic and someone who has to control them and understands monsters and dark magic. To any of them. In Black Knight there is magic and there is a bad side, monstrous, no matter how Arthurian you get: and who is in charge of controlling bad things with his gem in the Marvel Universe? Boom, Elsa Bloodstone. Not to mention that Dane Whitman, the Black Knight, and Blade are friends. And that Black Knight and Blade coincide in secret invasion. In the comics, in one of the many arcs that the saga covers, the Skrull invasion reaches Britain and they do so at the same time that the vampires, led by a certain Dracula, decide to go for old Albion as well. The fact is that the government recruits experts in dark magic and puts them under the tutelage of Captain Britain (that character to whom Henry Cavill is unofficially linked).

    The argument in favor of Secret Invasion really comes down to timing. Just as Wakanda Forever already introduces Ironheart, Werewolf by night has entered the end of Stage 4 for good reason. And you can connect the character to the Thunderbolts he helped a decade ago in the pages of Avengers tie up short a Sorcerer Supreme who had gotten out of hand. And repeated later in the Defenders, because Misty Knight and Valkyrie trust Bloodstone whenever there is a supernatural presence. And of course, Elsa Bloodstone also appears in one of the iterations of Secret Warsbut if they have presented it so soon…

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