Blake Lively and her role as an international assassin that has become a trend on Netflix

Although a couple of years ago The Rhythm of Vengeance did not have any box office success at the cinema, the British action thriller starring Blake Lively It has become a trend within the Netlfix platform.

The 2020 film, directed by Reed Moranohas positioned itself in the trends of the streaming giant for a few days, having a more favorable reception from the one he had on the big screen.

Lively embodies Stephanie Patrickwho suffered the loss of his family in a plane crash, but when he discovers that the accident was not such, his anger will find a new meaning in his life and he will embark on a dangerous mission to try to discover the truth and avenge his family.

She becomes a hit woman

Due to the plane crash, Stephanie falls into the world of drugs and prostitution in London, where three years later a journalist reveals the truth about the alleged accident: the tragedy was a covert terrorist attack by the governmentso step by step he finds the way to make the guilty pay.

To do this, she becomes a spy with combat skills and turns into a hit woman with the identity of Petra Reuterhelped by Ian Boyd (Jude Law), a former MI6 agent who lives in a remote place in Scotland and becomes his mentor when he begins his investigation into the attack.

Jude Law in the cast

In addition to Lively, who changed her blonde hair for a more aggressive cut, the cast is made up of Jude Law, Sterling K. Brown, Daniel Mays, Raza Jaffrey, Nasser Memarzia, Ivana Basic, Degnan Geraghty, Nuala Kelly, Richard Brake, Max Casella, Geoff Bell Y Tawfeek Barhom.

The rhythm of revenge It is based on the homonymous novel by Mark Burnellwho also made a film adaptation, while the production was in charge of Barbara Broccoli Y Michael G Wilsonwith Paramount Pictures with the distribution rights of the project.

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