Blake Lively celebrates her birthday at Disney

The model and actress Blake Lively has chosen Disneyland to enjoy the best birthday of her life.

And it is that, if there is someone who loves going to Disney, it is definitely Blake Lively, the beautiful actress has visited many times ‘the happiest place in the world’ in the company of her husband, and her beautiful children, but this time it was different, Since Blake took a break with his sister Robin Lively, who is also an actress, to celebrate his pre-35th birthday celebration, in what will surely be one of his most unforgettable trips.

“Find me a happier place on earth to start my birthday celebrations early. I’ll wait…”

And it is that at almost 35 years old, the famous actress wanted to celebrate in the most special and fun way, although her husband and children are not seen in the photos, it is rumored that in a couple of days they will arrive at this destination to celebrate in style with the family.

While the family is united, Blake and her sister have enjoyed this ride through Disney as children, taking photos, eating delicious and above all spending time together, Blake has repeatedly commented on how important her family is to her, this trip is a perfect excuse to live and spend more time with her sister whom she loves very much and considers one of her best friends.

The Lively sisters have shown in these photographs that there is no age to be a fan of this magical place.

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