Blake Lively talks about her body again to claim the end of ‘body shaming’

Blake Lively She is one of the most sophisticated women. Thanks to its striking and groundbreaking outfits always becomes news, and it is not for less, she knows how to show off and perfectly defend the outfits more impossible.

The actress is always one of the best dressed on the red carpet, she exudes glamour, style and originality, and this is what she shows us in each of her wonderful appearances. And she again she uses and talks about her body to vindicate the end of the body shaming.

The return of Blake Lively to the red carpet that we all deserved: with pink sequins and full of openings

exactly the actress claims freedom when it comes to dressing without giving so much importance to the figure of the woman. Blake comments that the body is not always the same:Our bodies are always changing, they are always evolving. That doesn’t belong to anyone else.” commented in his last interview with the US edition of fashion.

Blake Lively

she likes to be Creative with your styles This was demonstrated in the red carpet from the MET gala held a few days ago. For outfits like this one she doesn’t always like (we loved it), and for that she is often criticized, opinions that sometimes can damage self-esteem and other times, as it happens to her, she laughs it off. We already know that the marriage between Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds is one of the funniest and their jokes on social networks are continuous.

Blake Lively

It is not the first time that the actress has positioned herself on this issue. After her third pregnancy, Ryan Reynolds’ wife expressed in her stories from Instagram that when she had to choose clothes for important events, a message that went viral: “nobody had clothes that fit me well after giving birth. We do not send a good message to women when their bodies do not fit what brands offer . It’s alienating and confusing. And a lot of the clothes in the stores didn’t fit me.”

This is what has happened with Adriana Abenia and the campaign that, according to her, would advocate obesity

Yes, Blake has vindicated himself on several occasions about the end of the body shaming (to embarrass or make fun of someone because of the appearance of their body). The actress has spoken several times about the difficulty of finding clothes in her size after giving birth to her third daughter, thus becoming the best speaker for all those women whose postpartum body makes them feel insecure.

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