Blanca Suárez and the exercise that has made her buttocks take our breath away

blanca suarez in bikini

Blanca Suárez does know how to show off her buttocksInstagram / @blanca_suarez

What to say about Blanca Suárez that hasn’t already been said? The actress who a few days ago showed us how she had managed to get rid of flab in her arms (showing us how to get to say bye bye nicknamed bat wings) and that does not stop leave us impressed with their physical evolutionhas taken, with his characteristic humor, a step beyond his popular and highly commented free the nipple: show your ass good toned without any distraction.

“It is very illustrative of 2022 and it represents me. See you in 2023 ”, he wrote in the commented publication that, quickly, has been filled with comments praising his silhouette and, of course, wishing you a happy new year.

The secret of Blanca Suárez’s toned rear

It is clear that perseverance in sport has its results. Although, there were no doubts. And it is that, after giving everything in his boxing training and, even, after sharing what was his toughest training to date, the definition of his abdomen (as we saw when he posed in a bikini) is not in doubt . Much less, that of his rear.

You just have to remember the definitive exercise to tone and lift the buttocks that, thanks to her, is no longer missing in our sessions.

Because yes, if a few days ago we highlighted how María Pombo had achieved firm buttocks that will take your breath away in less than two years, Blanca Suárez under the orders of the same personal trainer, Crys Dyazis not far behind either. Blanca’s ally? The hip thrust.

The definitive exercise to raise and strengthen glutes

A few weeks ago, we saw her perform this combined exercise with an elastic band with which enhances the toning of the gluteal area.

The secret? Combine the exercise with an elastic band and a kettlebell with which, in addition to manage to activate all the muscles of the buttocks, the abdomen is tensed; which also enhances this area. What is often known as a true 2 for 1.

Of course, if you do not dare with this movement, do not worry! We know how to get a definition similar to that of the actress on the behind without this exercise. How? With the trainer of the month!

With this routine that will only take a few minutes, you will be able to stimulate all the gluteus muscles in style. Who knows, maybe next year, we (and you) are the ones who say goodbye to the year with a similar snapshot.

Go for it!

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