Blanca Suárez tests a revolutionary and very effective gluteal exercise

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    If there is a woman we look at when it comes to achieving any goal fitnessthat is Blanca Suarez. The actress has shared routines on numerous occasions in which we can see how she exercises the entire body, especially the gluteal area, toning and strengthening them with exercises that go far beyond the classic squats or the much-known hip thrust. And there are no borders in the gym for a girl fitness of such a caliber, that is why sometimes, when all the exercises have been exhausted, he decides to invent a new one.

    Blanca Suárez tests a revolutionary and very effective gluteal exercise

    Blanca Suárez has found the definitive exercise to achieve steel buttocks. The actress has published a video on her Instagram in which we can see how she jokes about said gluteal exercise, referring to it as a move that she has invented herself. Undoubtedly an exercise with which the artist has created the need for us to carry it out.

    The exercise that Blanca Suárez proposes requires the help of a weighted machine to increase its effectiveness, while she starts up dry and alternate blows with the legs, all under the instructions of her personal trainer. Crys Dyazone more reason to put into practice the new exercise of the actress.

    We have not been able to ignore any detail of the video that Blanca Suárez has shared on networks, and that also includes her outfits sporty to go give it all to the gym. A simple but ideal set with full-color leggings and a basic white t-shirt combined with neon-colored sneakers that take the absolute leading role of the outfit. looks.

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