Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread, review

focus video games metroidvania They have become very popular in recent years thanks to numerous titles that bet on a formula that is as established as it is effective. And if the result is as optimal as this Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr.Cread that concerns us, fans of this genre can continue to enjoy such a particular way of understanding the video game for a long time. And it is that the Russian team Allods Team Arcade has just launched a new 2D action platformers in multiplatform format after half a year in early access on Steam, a title that has become quite a surprise for its balance between gameplay, challenge and staging, an explosive cocktail that no fan of 2D shooters with back tracking They should lose sight of it. Let’s see if this casual cartoon adventure for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch manages to be at the level of the great metroidvania of recent years; something tells us that it will be so…

80s action heroes

This new video game with a kilometric title is a cliche with legs; but how well it works at all levels. And it is that Allods Team Arcade, together with MY.GAMES, have wanted to pay tribute to the films of 1980s spy action through a plot as absurd as it is hilarious. So much so, that we control a group of four action heroes who respond to the classic prototypes of this type of production. The Blast Brigade organization is dedicated to fighting villains around the world and, in one of its missions, agent Jeffthe typical “shoot first and ask questions later”, falls down on a paradisiacal island controlled by the villain on duty, the Dr Cread. Soon you will meet other colleagues like shuraa Russian sniper with weapons to take, Galahada half-cyborg Scottish mercenary because of the game’s villain’s experiments, and Vortexa native of the island who wants to free her fellows.

Each of them present their own abilities and ways to unlock new paths, an essential element in the development of Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Create. Also, as we proceed we will unlocking new tools that we can combine between the four action heroes, in addition to switching between them at any time, which adds many possibilities to the development of the games. All to stop Dr. Cread’s evil plans to enslave the entire world through his army of robots and mutants in which he works in his secret facility.

From here, a huge map with a classic metroidvania flavor will open up with countless rooms to explore, interconnected with each other, full of enemies, platforms, secrets, traps and more, with the fearsome and relentless zone final bosses to which to give passport to clean shot. Because yes, Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread is, in addition to a brilliant 2D platformer, a shooter as challenging as it is precise thanks to the benefits of a double stick aiming that works like a charm, with loads of weapons and abilities to combine, all peppered with really fine control of jumps, dash, wall climbing and more. Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr.Cread It is a joy at the controlssomething that not all games of this style can say.

Blast Brigade vs.  the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread, review

Once we get the basis of its gameplay, a whole range of fun and challenge will open up in equal parts; like a good metroidvania, the challenge is the order of the day and we will die many, many times, giving meaning to the design of checkpoints in form of comfortable hammocks in which it reappears again and again -and edit the selection of objects- and the possibility of recovering part of the lost loot with each death, in the purest Souls style. And it is that by defeating the enemies (quite varied according to the different areas and biomes of the game), we can collect coins that we can spend to buy new weapons and skills at our base on the beach, which we can also improve through parts and kits scattered around the island. All of this makes Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Create a very attractive set where we don’t just advance through explosions.

The level design is maintained at a very good level throughout the adventure – a journey, by the way, that can easily take us more than 20 hours to complete-, with very well designed and executed challenges and puzzles, some based on logic, others on our skill, precision and speed. Of course, completing the scenarios 100% will not be an easy task. Here comes into play frustration that can generate some sections of the game or certain final enemies, although with enough patience -and skill at the controls- we can overcome, not without sweating blood on occasion. That does not mean that at certain times a certain air of injustice is breathed in the face of a fairly high difficulty that can throw many players back. It’s not an easy gamedespite its marked cartoon air.

Blast Brigade vs.  the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread, review

A real visual delight

Beyond the hilarious sense of humor that he displays from beginning to end, with the most absurd conversations -through careful interpretations in English and localized texts in Spanish-, Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread demonstrates an outstanding solvency in the visual section. And it is that each scenario, each of its characters and visual effects, are shown in all their splendor through colorful cartoon style graphics wonderfully animated. Not surprisingly, at times it seems that we are facing a television production; In addition, it has great animated scenes that tell us more about the story as we progress through it. In general, an authentic audiovisual delight.

As less bright points we highlight a somewhat irregular balance between the four characters once we unlock a good part of their abilities, since in most cases we will hardly notice differences between ones and others. When it comes to shooting, they handle practically the same and have almost the same weapons except for their own abilities, such as a grenade launcher or an extendable hook. On the other hand, the skill tree will give us very useful power-ups and other truly absurd ones that we will never use. And beyond the jokes and hilarious situations, the story itself is not particularly interestingsince the plot is as linear as it is predictable.

Blast Brigade vs.  the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread, review


Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread is a great metroidvania that reaches its final version as a remarkable bet within a genre, at this point, as dense as it is competitive. In any case, the new Allods Team manages to stand out for a very well balanced gameplay, challenging, yes, but satisfactory when we manage to overcome that level or that enemy that has made it so difficult for us. The adventure is long, full of challenges of all kinds, demanding like few others among 2D platforms, not without certain imbalances in certain sections, some of which encourage us to throw the controller out the window. And what about its staging, one of the best-finished 2D cartoon games of recent years; And that is a lot to say.


  • Brilliant cartoon court staging
  • Equal parts fun and challenging
  • Very satisfactory driving experience
  • Long adventure with much to explore


  • Some frustrating difficulty spikes
  • Little variety between protagonists
  • The story is not particularly interesting


Very good

Game of remarkable finish that we will enjoy and remember. A good buy, highly recommended for lovers of the genre. It is well cared for on all levels.

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