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I was recently sick with colitis from the devil, and my daughter Estefania put me on the HBO series “Big Little Lies” (freely translating it), with famous stars like Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, Reese Witherspoon, among many more leading men and talented women . Really, it is something without waste.

In a village school, several mothers live like most people: blind to their big problems. The denial of our emotional and relationship issues with others, are “a blind spot” that leads us to hide, lie about very serious things, although they saw it as “little lies.”

It all begins with the arrival of a new child, without a father and with a full-time mother. As soon as he entered the school, he was accused of hanging until branding a little girl, who insisted it was him. The little boy, though shy, said loudly that he hadn’t hit her.

This creates serious problems among all the mothers, some in favor, others against. And just as a rose opens, secrets and conflicts begin to come out, especially when a person dies tragically at a school party.

I do not want to give more details so that you yourself can discover and enjoy the tremendous script and the excellent performances of these stars.

With this miniseries, you can learn very important things for your life as a couple, your role as a mother or father, how to effectively handle violence in the family and the couple, among others.

Children are little sponges that absorb everything. Parents see them as little angels living in their fantasy world. It is known that this is not the case. Even in the womb, they hear their parents’ voices and recognize them. Biochemically, they receive messages about what is happening to mom, if she is sad, if she is crying, if she is happy, etc. At birth, they perceive everything, even if they don’t say it. And like the animals that live in the house, “they breathe the environment and are affected.”

The lie is a long but narrow sheet. You wrap yourself in it, and when you fall asleep in it, it moves and your feet come out of it. In a relationship, lying is a cancer, it destroys everything. Hence, a rule of the couple is not to lie to each other. Secrets never leave anything good, and everything that happens under the sky sooner or later is known. Unveiling an explosive secret often requires a therapist to step in to manage how to tell it, when, and to whom.

Emotional or physical violence is non-negotiable. When it starts, it doesn’t go down. It will get worse and worse and almost always ends in death. The one who attacks apologizes, gives flowers, jewelry, and the victim falls, because he often feels guilty. He hides it because he embarrasses her and ends up losing her self-esteem and even his life. If a couple is in this situation, they should separate immediately and seek professional help.

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