Blizzard ends the Overwatch League and considers finding a “new direction”

After months of uncertainty, Snow storm is officially ending the Overwatch League as it moves to “evolve competitive gaming in a new direction.”

Blizzard’s choice will lead to a new way of organizing competitive FPS

In July, Activision-Blizzard said in an investor report that OWL teams would vote on updated terms with the company at the end of the 2023 season, and if they couldn’t reach an agreement, they would each be fined $6 million.

Then, in early October, the company publicly committed to “revitalizing the esports program,” indicating that a deal had not been reached and spelling the end of the league.

In a statement reported by IGN, the company officially puts the nail in the coffin for OWL.

We’re wrapping up the Overwatch League and taking competitive play in a new direction.“said a spokesperson.

We thank everyone who made OWL possible and remain focused on building our vision of a revitalized esports program. We are excited to share the details with all of you in the near future.“.

There Overwatch League was founded in 2016 and faced significant obstacles stemming from costly startup costs, the Covid-19 pandemic, and sexual harassment allegations at Activision Blizzard, leading several big-name sponsors to drop their support of the league.

Now we just have to wait and see what the future holds for competitive gaming.

Recently Overwatch 2 has included a new progression system for players. We remind you that the title is also available on Steam, where however since its arrival it has received several negative reviews.

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