Blonde: criticism of Ana de Armas for her accent when playing Marilyn Monroe in the biopic (and what those who defend her say)

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Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe in the biopic "Blonde".

image source, 2022 ©Netflix

There are still weeks to go before it opens. Blondebut the movie based on a book about Marilyn Monroe, directed by Andrew Dominik and starring Ana de Armas is already generating controversy.

And not because of the resemblance or not of the Cuban-Spanish actress with one of the greatest icons of American cinema of all time, but because of her accent.

After the trailer came to light last week, some voices on social media lashed out at De Armas for both a voice that, they say, does not resemble to that of the protagonist of “The temptation lives upstairs” as if by a pronunciation which seems inappropriate.

“I know the movie isn’t out yet but Blonde starring Ana de Armas looks amazing and the scenes give me goosebumps but I know y’all still hear her accent…and it’s STRONG you know? I’m surprised they thought that sounds like Marilyn because she literally doesn’t. Does she look like her? Yeah,” one Twitter user wrote Thursday.

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