Blonde sex doll named ‘Lana Wolf’ angered adult star – there were two things wrong with it

Porn star Lana Wolf has claimed an adult company has started selling a £675 sex doll in her likeness without her permission.

The Scottish adult content creator was shocked when one of his fans sent him a link to a doll made by Porn Hint, which cost less than £813. It is advertised as the ‘Lana Wolf Sex Doll’ with the real Lana in her beloved Rangers footy shirt.

The 26-year-old told The Scottish Sun that she “don’t know whether to be happy or upset about this development”. She said, “It looks like me but they got the eye color wrong because I have blue eyes.” “And they should have kept me in the Rangers top.

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“I’m smoking because I’ve trademarked my name and it’s very weird to not ask permission or give me a discount.”

It is advertised as ‘Lana Wolf Sex Doll’ with the real Lana in her beloved Rangers footy shirt(Image: Burstilla)

Israeli influencer Yael Cohen Aris faced a similar problem last year and admitted there was a “sycophant” element in a company allegedly stealing her likeness to make a sex doll.

The doll studio’s silicone beauty looked like her and used her name, and the real Yael was alerted by some of her Instagram followers.

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