Blonde, the Marilyn Monroe biopic with Ana de Armas, is a cross between Raging Bull and Citizen Kane, according to its director

A biopic is always a risky job. Giving life to a person who exists or has existed entails the ability to get into the skin of someone real. Of course, as a reward, these types of roles tend to be preferred in the awards circuit.

Next December (if there are no advances), Ana de Armas will become a new candidate for a shower of praise with his interpretation of Marilyn Monroe in Blondethe biopic of the film and fashion icon of the 50s and 60s.

Monroe was the protagonist of emblematic films of the seventh art such as With skirts and crazy, Temptation lives upstairs or Gentlemen prefer blondes.

Blonde will arrive, as we have said, in December on Netflix. Your manager, Andrew Dominichas been talking to Collider about some iconic titles that have inspired this interesting biopic.

The director has emphasized the dyes inherited from Wild bullthe film starring Robert DeNiroY Citizen Kanewith Orson Welles.

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Blonde is a movie for all the unloved children in the world. It’s like Citizen Kane and Raging Bull have a daughter. Blonde’s idea was to detail a childhood drama and then show how that drama divides adults into a public and private selves.

It is a kind of story of a person whose rational image of the world is overwhelmed by his unconscious, and uses the iconography of Marilyn Monroe

In addition to Ana de Armas (No time to die), Blonde also has Adrian Brody (The Pianist) as Marilyn Monroe’s third husband, the Pulitzer Prize winner Arthur Miller.

bobby cannavale (Homecoming) will be in charge of giving life to Marilyn’s second husband, the Yankees player Joe DiMaggio.

Obviously, Andrew Dominik (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Cowardly Robert Ford) sets the bar high by comparing his work to that of Welles and Scorsese. We will have to wait until December to see for ourselves if these statements are not exaggerated.

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