‘Blonde’ will be a masterpiece

The Venice International Film Festival It is listed as one of the international events with the greatest impact worldwide, thanks to the fact that on many occasions, directors and producers decide to present some of the most anticipated films on the billboard. This time when you celebrate its 79th edition from August 31 to September 10, will not be an exception. And it is that one of the outstanding titles that are part of his list of winners is ‘Blonde’, the film that we have been talking about for so long even without knowing too many details.

Starring Anne of Arms and directed by Andrew Dominik, ‘Blonde’ promises to be one of the films of the year, precisely because of the previous tour it has had. From being vetoed at another major film festival last year, in Cannes precisely, to having problems with Netflix for being branded too crude and because it would get the 18+ rating on the platform. There has also been a lot of talk about what the content of his story will be, which “will offend everyone” according to his own director.

What we do know is that the author of the homonymous novel on which the film is based, Joyce Carol Oates, has approved the footage and, in fact, has praised the performance of its leading actress, Ana de Armas. The also protagonist of ‘Daggers in the back’ (2019) seems to be radiant in her new work, something that we know not only from the comments of who has already been lucky to see her, as is the case of the novelist; but also for the first images of the film to which we have had access.

-The Marilyn Monroe of Ana de Armas will not be as we expected

-We’ve seen the trailer for ‘Blonde’… and Ana de Armas is identical to Marilyn!

Although it is true that her first trailer was released a few weeks ago, in which we saw the actress characterized as the protagonist of ‘With skirts and crazy’, now we have had access to new images of the shooting. In them, we can see her with filming partners like Adrien Brody, who plays her second husband, Arthur Millereither bobby cannavalewhich does the same with the baseball player Joe DiMaggio, first husband of the most famous blonde in Hollywood. He has even shared one of the iconic images of the movie star, on the set of ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’.

In addition, it has been presented the official tape poster and what would be his second official trailer. Starting with her in the dressing room and blowing a kiss to the mirror in front of her, we see Marilyn first chatting with Joe DiMaggio in a coffee shop and going to an intimidating audition. “I can’t bear to do one more scene of her,” confesses the actress in this meeting, a phrase with which she suggests that the film is going to become less idyllic and more realistic than expected.

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