Bloober Team developed an Alien in the Middle Ages according to a leak

Bloober Team, the independent studio responsible for titles like Layers of Fear, observer and more recently The Medium, has made headlines again this week. The reason? The filtration of images of a new Silent Hill which the studio is supposedly developing in collaboration with Konami. but the middle game pressure has published, they say with information verified by various sources and confidential documents, another project in which the Polish firm was involved: a game of Alien set in the Middle Agesa setting that was already explored in the comic Aliens: Stalkers.

The information about this project is not totally new, but it is the first time that we know that it was related to the saga created by Ridley Scott, who supposedly said that the idea was “great”, in the words of the aforementioned medium. In July 2021, a clever Internet user detected on the Creative Europe website, a European Union subsidy system for audiovisual projects, three games that are or were in development by Bloober with code names H2O, dum spiro Y Black; the latter is the one related to Alien. Of those three projects, the study itself indicated that one was launched (Layers of Fear 2), another was cancelled, and the third was reinterpreted.

The documentation to which the aforementioned medium has had access coincides with the description of Black: a game of exploration-focused first-person shootersurvival and hand-to-hand combat, with a lot of importance of the narrative and with moral decisionsall set in the Middle Ages and with a strange race of aliens as enemies. What we didn’t know last year is that those aliens were going to be the xenomorphs.

Bloober-Team reached an agreement with 20th Century Fox to carry out this project. The premise will be similar to Alien: Isolation, but with different ways to survive the creatures and with more combat. The plot will turn around a cult that pays homage to a xenomorphas if it were a deity, but the creature soon escaped and wreaked havoc.


Nevertheless, if this project ever sees the light of day, don’t count on the monsters that we met in Alien: The Eighth Passenger. When in 2019 Disney closed the purchase of 21st Century Fox for 71,300 million dollars, the media giant also took over the saga Alien and all its associated products, and this game is canceledor at least, as it was proposed at that time.

In addition, Bloober Team had an original and impressive idea to promote the game. In the first images and trailers they were going to show the medieval setting and the cult that pays homage to a God, and they would name the title with a code name. It would be later when they revealed that it was really a game of Alien. The studio has commented on this leak: “At Bloober Team we are busy making horror games, not commenting on rumours.”

Future Bloober Team Games: Beyond Silent Hill

But the plans did not turn out as the Polish studio probably wanted, which in addition to developing that Silent Hill next to Konami (officially they have not said what game they work on), he has another project in hand for PC and the latest generation consoles in collaboration with new studio Rogue Games and also working on a new Layers of Fear planned for 2022. By the way, at the end of last year Tencent bought a large part of Bloober Team.

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