Blood tests in Av3 “Bookings only at the counter but in private they do it online”

HEALTH – The mayor of Montecassiano, Leonardo Catena, challenges the Asur organization and reminds the regional councilor for health Filippo Saltamartini that he has been waiting for months for a communication on the destination of the health facility in his city

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Leonardo Catena

The mayor of Montecassiano Leonardo Catena harshly criticizes the method that the Av3 asks to follow for the booking of blood tests, i.e. the obligation to physically go to the public counter while in the private sector the same examination can be booked online or by phone.

“I would like to understand – notes the mayor of Montecassiano -, also in light of the salaries of some Asur executives, how it is possible that blood tests can be booked online if you contact the private sector while if you want to do it in the public you have to physically go to the counter to book. How is so much disorganization possible? So much inefficiency? What does the policy do at the regional level? Despite the extraordinary commitment of many doctors, nurses and operators, public health in the Marche region seems to be on the verge of collapse.

Politics must commit to rapidly reversing this dramatic trend. It is not the first time that we complain about the inefficiencies of our system. Visits booked through Cup and also fixed after more than a year (I read of a citizen that yes he is presented for a visit but he is wrong not day, not month, but year). I wonder what happened to the big announcements heard during the election campaign at the last regional elections. Enough, it is no longer acceptable. You don’t play with health. Who in duty takes care of it ».

The mayor of Montecassiano Leonardo Catena returns to ask the question of the destination of the former hospital of the town: “Months ago we recorded decisions taken without being informed, always some time ago during a conference of services, at which the leaders of Av3 and the regional health councilor Filippo SaltamartiniI asked to know the projects of the Region for our health facility. The commissioner replied that he would let me know and I’m waiting“.

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