Blu Jerusalema’s funny reaction to watching the documentary about the life of Gianluca Vacchi

May 27 2022 – 7:00 p.m.

Gianluca Vacchi brought his power and influence on social media to television through a documentary. However, his little daughter Blu Jerusalema is still unaware of her father’s popularity.

The one-year-old girl was surprised to see her father’s face on the television screen, and her reaction filled the followers of the eccentric Italian millionaire and Sharon Fonseca with tenderness.

“Much more” is the name of the film about Vacchi’s life that aims to show another side of the businessman and influencer and has been available on Prime Video since May 25.

This is how Blu reacted when he saw the documentary about his father

“Blu Jerusalema every time she sees daddy in the documentary,” Sharon Fonseca commented on her daughter’s funny reaction in a video she posted on her Instagram account, where the three of them appear sitting on the floor looking at a huge screen.

In the clip, the little girl can be seen watching her father’s face on the television, as she runs her hand over the device, but Jerusalema, who is just beginning to speak, instead of calling him dad, says: “mom, mom, mom” insistently despite Gianluca trying to get her out of the mistake.

“I cannot explain to you how grateful we are with all the love you are giving to ‘Mucho Más’, we open our hearts completely, so I hope you enjoy this ride as much as we do”, added Fonseca in reference to the audiovisual work.

fans moved

For their part, the followers full of tenderness did not take long to leave hundreds of comments on the post of the Venezuelan model. “What a beauty! In love with her father, ”commented a user of the network with emotion.

“How beautiful he looks so excited about his baby”, “how beautiful, that is good love”, “she loves her father too much”, “she is trying to say that he belongs to her mother”, were other the reactions left by the fans of the famous couple.

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