Blue Ivy Looks Like Mom Beyoncé in New Photos

Blue Ivy has always looked like her daddy, Jay-Z, and Beyoncé, but as she gets older, she quickly becomes a cut-and-paste of her mommy!

The eldest of the Carter-Knowles couple, who celebrated her 10e birthday last January, made her showbiz debut recently, stepping onto the Oscars stage as Beyoncé gave a performance. Blue Ivy’s grandma recently opened up about the industry dip for Blue Ivy by sharing a video of her daughter and granddaughter performing the same dance when they were the same age.

“The same dance move, 30 years ago! Blue Blue that rocks at the Oscars!”, indicated Tina Knowles on Instagram.

More recently, it was photos captured during the basketball game between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors that drew this same comparison. It’s because with her curls and golden rings, Blue Ivy looks like a copy-paste of her mom!

NBAE via Getty Images

The youngster clearly has a keen sense of style and opted to wear an all black look with a leather coat and a t-shirt that reads ‘Brown Skin Girl’, the title of the song she co-wrote with Beyonce.

No doubt Blue Ivy has the makings of a star!

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