Bluemarble, Justin Bieber’s favorite brand, signs the collection that we all dream of wearing this summer

It was in 2018 thatAnthony Alvarez founded his label Bluemarble, a real invitation to travel that explores a vast spectrum of memory. Nourished by urban cultures, subcultures and the MTV generation, the designer designs ultra-colorful pieces, with psychedelic prints and vintage charm, like his show last season, where he was inspired by New York frenzy and Filipino heat.

Bluemarble spring-summer 2023

For spring-summer 2023, Anthony Alvarez looked at different wardrobes, from workwear to sportswear, including streetwear and tailoring. “For this collection, I was inspired by the Monterey festival, which took place in 1967. It is based on the idea of ​​going to see Jimi Hendrix on stage, having different psychedelic experiences in the tents, following the boys who have the cards read to them…”, explains the designer to Vogue. Head to California for an alternative trip.

Isidore Montag / Gorunway.com

Isidore Montag / Gorunway.com

A few pieces are particularly striking, like the baggy jeans completely rhinestoned in the form of four-leaf clovers. There is also an overshirt from the workwear universe that the designer had fun sublimating with hand-embroidered suns, as well as snowboard pants that have been revised and updated in the 2022 version: “I do a lot of extreme sports. I wanted to revisit this shape with very light materials, such as poplin and technical fabric”. If the collections of Bluemarble all have one thing in common, that is to say inspirations from around the world, the creations also give pride of place to Parisian know-how: “The collection includes more artisanal details than ever. It was exciting to push the limits, to create with curiosity and with a totally open mind”. A locker room that necessarily pleased justin bieberphotographed on stage last May with one of the brand’s rhinestone pants.

Isidore Montag / Gorunway.com

Isidore Montag / Gorunway.com

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