BLUNTLY! The demand of Nene Beltrán to Alexis Vega after returning to Chivas after the World Cup

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El Nene revealed some details that are lived in the Guadalajara dressing room and an important conversation he had with the attacker number 10 of the Flock.


The multiple changes that are brewing inside Chivas Since the arrival of Fernando Hierro as the new Sports Director, they have excited both inside and outside the rojiblanca institution, which is why the players are more than committed to having a very good semester, which is why Fernando Beltrán decided to speak with Alexis Vega to make a request to him after his participation in the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

El Nene is convinced that little by little the rojiblanca board of directors has formed an extremely competitive squadso IHe expressed to Gru his wish that he give himself to the maximum for the well-being of Guadalajara to be able to write their names together in the history of the club and not leave in the future without pain or glory.

“In the end, a good team has been put together, not from now, but from a long time ago. They have brought good players in positions that we have needed Y the teacher has had that talk to be able to get the best out of each one.

Survey How important is Alexis Vega in Chivas’ aspirations to be champion?

How important is Alexis Vega in Chivas’ aspirations to be champion?

Indispensable, he is the most talented


“For example, Alexis, who returned from the World Cup and how he played, the desire he had to fulfill his dream of going to Europe and everything, I have spoken a lot with him and I have asked him that we need him here, we are going to throw him out here, we are going to win here. If we are not here later, well, it will be something else, but right now we have a chance. I tell him ‘güey, we have to stay in history here’. If we don’t do something, we’re going to pass like many players who have passed and haven’t won anything,” he explained in an interview with TUDN.


Fernando Beltrán is convinced that tAll the players who have come to the Flock have done so with the hope of transcending and be champions with the chiverío, so assured that Víctor Guzmán and Roberto Alvarado have the same illusion of championing Like him and Vega.

“The how good player that he is, he wants to win and that’s also why he came, to win. Pocho also came to win, Piojo also came to win. Then If we start putting in more desire and more work, things are going to turn out in the best way”, concluded the youth squad from the Guadalajara team.

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