BMW is shipping vehicles without CarPlay due to lack of chips


BMW is temporarily not installing Apple CarPlay due to chip issues.

When a vehicle has complete integration with iPhone, it is because it has Apple CarPlay, often wirelessly and without cables. But, for a car to have this technology, requires a specialized chip that serves as a communication bridge between the multimedia device of the vehicle and the mobile.

Precisely these chips have been in short supply due to the new lockdowns in ChinaSo manufacturers like BMW are starting to ship their new vehicles without Apple CarPlay, at least temporarily.

BMW without Apple CarPlay at least until summer

Automotive News Europe has mentioned that BMW is shipping cars without Apple CarPlay, at least temporarily until summer. This is because, after the shortage of chips due to the confinements in China, the German company has changed its main supplier.

Apple CarPlay BMW

BMW would install Apple CarPlay in a wireless update starting in the summer.

The new chips that have been placed in the most recent BMWs have Android Auto integrated, but rrequire an additional update for Apple CarPlay to work correctly in vehicles. From Germany, BMW has mentioned that all vehicles with this problem will receive an over-the-air update in late June or early July.

In fact, it is not known exactly how many BMW cars have been affected by this problem, but Automotive News Europe has mentioned that they received reports from users in the United States, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and France. All vehicles with the ‘6P1’ code in their specs are believed to be the problem vehicles.

Because most new vehicles can connect to the Internet, the update would arrive automatically and the system will notify you when CarPlay is available in your vehicles.

These compatibility issues came just as Apple wants to improve CarPlay to further integrate its platform with the vehicle and add more features. Until now it is unknown if only BMW has this problem or is there some other manufacturer.

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