Board adds Artificial Intelligence in fight against stroke and heart attacks

One in three deaths (28%) in the province are caused by cardiovascular disease. That is why the so-called lipid control is a “priority” in health policies, as highlighted yesterday by the consultant Alejandro Vazquez, who announced that the Board will develop a “pioneering” system thanks to Artificial Intelligence to prevent cardio and cerebrovascular diseases.

«The magnitude of this problem is very important, as it is the most important cause of mortality in the community, especially in the range of acute myocardial infarction or stroke. And therefore, any prevention measure taken to improve and reduce this number of adverse events and deaths is extremely important,” he said.

The mission of the program, “very innovative”, is to detect through biological and analytical tests those patients who have high lipid risk and, in addition, it has an important novelty that allows through a series of advice or warnings Powered by artificial intelligence, doctors can give the best solutions, therapeutic, preventive and otherwise, at all times.

The project will provide Artificial Intelligence tools to León hospitals and health centers thanks to a collaboration agreement with Novartis and the Salamanca Biomedical Research Institute (Ibsal) to develop it.

Specialized and primary professionals will have artificial intelligence biomarkers that will simulate logic and issue specific recommendations. “This will help us reach the whole of society and, first of all, those patients who are in secondary prevention situations, that is, with risk factors, but who have already suffered an event,” he said. Our aim is to reduce the mortality rate of approximately 500 autonomous patients in the first three years, to avoid 1,500 serious adverse effects, such as heart attack or cerebral stroke, and thirdly, to avoid approximately 2,000 hospitalizations in these three years Is. ,” the consultant said.

“But we also want to progressively develop it to be able to do it as primary prevention.” And there we take into account that we will act on approximately 600,000 Castilians and Lyonesses who have problems in lipid metabolism,” he said. The signed agreement will be valid until 2026, with the intention of being extended and extended to other centers of the Community. There is a possibility.

It is a project that brings together innovation, collaboration, positive impact on patients and a focus on cardiovascular health as it constitutes the main health priorities. It will be deployed through a relationship of trust between the ecosystem of health authorities, physicians, researchers and the pharmaceutical industry in joint work.

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