Bobby Lashley could be out for 4 months

It is one of the most outstanding news of WWE and not in a good way. Monday Night Raw wrestler Bobby Lashley could be out of WWE due to injury for several months.

Bobby Lashley would have a serious injury that will keep him out of the ring for several months

Bobby Lashley lived one of his darkest nights in Elimination Chamber after losing the WWE championship in the elimination chamber. However, that wasn’t the worst of it, as Lashley couldn’t even finish the match due to an apparent concussion from Rollins’ powerbomb on Austin Theory, which landed on the former champion.

Per concussion treatment protocol, Bobby Lashley was sent backstage, though. the reality is that this situation would have been created to hide a real injury to the fighter. According to writer Kazeem Famuyide on the Ringer Wrestling Show, Bobby Lashley will undergo shoulder surgery that will keep him out of the WWE ring for 4 months. This news would be a blow to the fighter who would be completely ruled out of Wrestlemania 38. However, the former champion showed no signs of injury during the match, so many fans have wondered what the exact moment of the injury may be.

The answer would lie in the Royal Rumble event, in which Lashley did his best not to land on his shoulder when Brock Lesnar applied a German Supplex. Famuyide assured that Lashley has been injured since the Royal Rumble and that the clearest proof is in the fact that he has not fought in any Raw show before Elimination Chamber.

Without a doubt, this is disastrous news for Bobby Lashley who had put together a sensational year as WWE Champion and who hoped to have a prominent role in Wrestlemania 38.

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