Boca Juniors presents ‘Bombonera 360’; remodeling of its stadiumHalf time

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Wembley and the Maracaná were already renewed a few years ago, the Santiago Bernabéu is underway and soon it will be the turn of the Azteca for the 2026 World Cup. On that list of historic football stadiums that are modernized is the mythical Boca Juniors candy boxwhat’s wrong with it redevelopment plan and will be presented shortly to the Argentine authorities.

Bombonera 360, the new pitch for Boca Jrs

With the name 360 candy boxthe unmistakable Xeneize field -characterized by having three stands and an area of ​​”cabins” or boxes- would become a 360° building, that is, totally surrounded by stands to increase its capacity to almost 80 thousand fans for one of the most popular teams in the world.

Jorge Amor Ameal, president of the Buenos Aires institution, informed that in the month of March he will present the project to the local authorities so that the remodeling of the Boca Bombonerathat would need at least 40 favorable votes from the 60 legislators.

In addition to the construction of the new stands, it is also planned install a cover on the entire Bombonera to give it a more futuristic look, but retaining its essence by leaving the stands very close to the field to “drown” the visitors with the pressure of the fans.

“We talked about it throughout the campaign and now we are going to put it into practice. From March the Bombonera 360 will be implemented in the club. We are going to put the project on the table of the politicians and work for the expansion of our house,” said the president from Boca.

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What would the new Boca stadium be like?

  • Stadium: Alberto J. Armando
  • Nickname: 360 candy box
  • Ability: 78 thousand fans (currently with 49 thousand)
  • main change: Symmetrical stadium, not with three stands.
  • Advantages: It would not stop being local during the 3 years that the works would last.
  • Financing: They are looking for a financing plan and there will be pre-sale of VIP boxes and stalls.

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