“Bodas de plomo”, the new film by Jennifer López and Lenny Kravitz

As a good family man, the actor Cheech Marin He considered that he knew what was good for his two daughters, however, after working on the new film “lead weddings”, which stars Jennifer Lopezhe realized that children know well what they want and why.

In the film he plays “Robert”, the father of “Darcy” (JLo), a woman who will celebrate her wedding with “Tom” (Josh Duhamel) on a private island with very few guests, including her ex (Lenny Kravitz) to which his father invited, believing that he is the best candidate for his daughter.

“My character loves his daughter ‘Darcy,’ but he wants her to do what he wants, because he ‘knows’ what’s best for her. And then at the end of the movie he realizes that she knows her way and my role has to rely on that, ”said the actor.

For this reason, he considers it positive that people see this story, because regardless of what they think they know about other people close to them, they should not have an opinion in their lives: “In real life I have two daughters and I know where they stand, what they are capable of and what not, but when they come to me for advice, they don’t really want it, they just want to talk…and I think every parent experiences that and will relate to the story,” she added.

Sharing the stage with JLo and Kravitz was interesting, especially with the musician because during filming he discovered that he was a great admirer of the “Cheech and Chong” movies, he had seen them all and even had all the records they released in the 70s and 80s. In addition, since the filming was during the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire cast stayed in the same house in the Dominican Republic, which allowed them to be more united and relaxed at the same time.

“When you work on a movie, all the actors are in different hotels, but here we were in the same house, which made us feel like family, because at the end of the night we all sang together, especially with Lenny and Cheech, so we all we unite more”, said Steven Coulter who also participates in the film.

Regarding the plot, Coulter narrated that despite the strong scenes of action and comedy that “Darcy” and “Tom” face, when the ceremony is canceled due to the arrival of some pirates who have captured the guests, a story is told. story full of love where marriage does not always have to be a nightmare.

The actress D’Arcy Carden, who gives life to “Harriet”, the young girlfriend of “Robert”, commented that the best thing about this film is that it combines many genres that make it really fun. “It’s the story of a couple, but there’s a lot of action and it has great physical comedy scenes… So for me it’s like having everything in one product, it’s a good escape for the whole family, they’re going to enjoy it,” she concluded.

  • Ryan Reynolds was going to be the protagonist of the story, but he was only in production.
  • The film was shot in the Dominican Republic in February 2021, still with the COVID-19 protocol.
  • Cheech just opened the museum dedicated to Chicano art and culture in California.
  • A few months after opening the museum, it is already among the 50 best.
  • The movie lasts 100 minutes.
  • January 27 premieres on Prime Video.


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