“Bodas de plomo”, the new romantic film by Jennifer López that arrives on Prime Video

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Jennifer Lopezbeside Josh Duhamel, comes to the platform Prime Video with the tape “Lead weddings”, a romantic comedy that narrates the reunion of the families of a couple on a trip; suddenly, the assistants are taken hostage, which even complicate the union of the lovers.

“I knew the action was massive, but I also knew there was no point in this movie if it wasn’t funny or had comedic elements.. So we went to all our action rehearsals, for which we had an extra week, to come up with different ideas (…) So the action we designed was built around the question of what would make each situation fun. Jennifer and Josh were up for it, as she’s a brilliant dancer and he’s an athlete,” the director said. Jason Moore to Cinema Daily Us.

The father of the bride will also be an important part of the story, as he will have to save the groom, whom he never wanted and with whom he has a bad relationship.

Robert (Cheech Marin) is very rich, but that’s why he wants to control the world and that included his daughter’s life. because he preferred her old boyfriend (Lenny Kravitz) and although at first he tries to show his disapproval and detract from the new couple, I think that in the end he becomes aware that what he really wants is for his daughter to be happy, “he said. Marin through a statement.

When does “Bodas de plomo” premiere?

The feature film arrives on the streaming platform next january 27. It will be broadcast to 86 countries and territories globally in association with Lionsgate.

“It all comes down to love and family, the movie makes you reflect on who is important in your life and how it is so easy to give things away for granted, but in a life or death situation you really see what is important to you,” he said. D’Arcy Cardenwho is also part of the cast.

Trailer of the tape “Lead weddings”

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