‘Bolillo’ Gómez in Panama: “No one is going to give anything away, Honduras needs to get results”

City of Panama.

The Honduran National Team is already installed in Panama for the Concacaf Octagonal match heading to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, a duel in which the Bicolor only has prestige at stake and the canal team fights for a direct ticket to the world fair.

The catracho team still does not know what it is to win in this tie, it barely has three points out of three draws, and will seek to frustrate the aspirations of the Panamanians on matchday 12.

Upon arrival at Tocumen International Airport in Panama City, the coach Hernan ‘Bolillo’ Gomez He gave statements to the local media and assured that “for me, coming to Panama is joy and it is remembering beautiful moments.”

“An immense joy, with all the love, thank you for the welcome you have given me and hoping to return here, I have great friends and to be able to enjoy the city and the people of Panama,” he added.

The Colombian coach stated that his team will go out in search of victory. “No one is going to give anything away, this is serious, the teams are the representation of a country and we have to respect the other countries that are competing as well”.

‘Bolillo’ Gómez focuses on the next tie, without letting the closing games of the tie go by. “Honduras is in that generational change, a basic change of coach thinking about 2026 without stopping thinking about these three games because you have to be worthy and the National Team games are all very difficult and you have to play them well.”

“Honduras needs to get results because it is a team without results, the fans and the whole world are very sad about that,” added Gómez.

Gómez also referred to the team with which he will play. “None of those who played the first match against Panama are coming, so we are going to see how some of those who are coming for the first time behave. Panama is a team that has a level, experience from the last World Cup, qualifying round, Copa América, they already have a great deal of experience”.

Finally, he spoke about his return to the Rommel Fernández stadium. “It will be an emotion, I am already happy, I already feel good, in this country they treated me very well, here I triumphed and I feel happy. Tomorrow it’s a profession, it’s work, Panama has to put it all in and so do we, let it be a knockout-level match, difficult for both of us”.

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