Bolivia wants to have support in 2030: blow to the history of the World Cup | National teams

The 2030 World Cup will not only have various changes that one assumes that FIFA will propose over time, as it did with the decision that in 2026 in the United States, Mexico and Canada it will be carried out jointly with three countries, something of by itself historical. However, another novelty is that there will not be 32 participating teams, but 48 for the first time.

Thus, 2026 will give rise to blows in the history of the World Cups, and in view of the fact that the 2030 World Cup will be the celebration of the centenary of the tournament, the country that inaugurated this event (Uruguay) began to build the dream and desire to develop the competition to commemorate 100 years. As a result of that dream, other South American countries began to join.

The only precedent that has two countries sharing the World Cup venue was in 2002 when South Korea and Japan agreed to hold the event. Now, the United States, Mexico and Canada followed those steps and 24 years later, they will host the World Cup, which in 2030 could be a bombshell if Gianni Infantino, FIFA president, accepts the four joint candidacies that have already reiterated the yearning to host 48 teams. However, a meeting between the former president of a South American nation with the president of Argentina could be the starting point for another country to join.

With the dream started by Uruguay, which held the first World Cup in history in 1930, and which, in fact, respected the house by remaining champions, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile joined to celebrate in the best way the 100 years of the contest that paralyzes everything. the world. Now, with a meeting on Saturday, January 21, between Evo Morales, former president of Bolivia, and Alberto Fernández, current Argentine president, to have the support of Argentina to join as a sub-host and candidate for the World Cup in 2030.

Then there would be five host countries for the 2030 World Cup, a historic milestone to celebrate 100 years of existence. A crazy idea that appeared out of nowhere on the part of Bolivia with the desire to join and that it would study with Conmebol and Argentina. Evo Morales already held meetings with Alberto Fernández and formally informed him that the nation would be ready for that time, “we congratulate him on the three-time (world) championship and we ask that he can help us so that Bolivia is a sub-host of this 2030 World Cup.”

In addition, it seems that Evo Morales’ desire is serious and he would have also told Luis Arce, the current president of Bolivia, to start working for it, since investing in stadiums would not be a bad idea, “we hope that our brother President Lucho Arce will can accompany you in this campaign”. As if that were not enough, with the support of Alberto Fernández, and with the hope that they analyze the idea on Bolivian soil, now they will go for Conmebol and the Argentine Football Association (AFA), since Evo mentioned that he would have everything in advance with Alejandro Domínguez , president of Conmebol and with Claudio el ‘Chiqui’ Tapia, president of the AFA.

Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and now Bolivia want to carry out an unprecedented five-nation World Cup. However, they will have to beat important nations that have also joined. Portugal and Spain also want to develop it together, Ukraine and Morocco, as well as Saudi Arabia, which hopes to continue hitting for the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo, the friendly against Paris Saint-Germain to draw the attention of FIFA to take them into account.

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