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A little over a week before completing two months in the Government, with the country in a permanent and unsustainable social upheaval, President Dina Boluarte has made two announcements this Sunday that seek to calm the fire of the protests against her: the advance of elections for this year and the long-awaited change of the 1993 Constitution. Boluarte summoned the Congress of the Republic to reconsider the advancement of the general elections, which will be put to a vote this Monday. “Congressmen, you have to understand your historical responsibility. Tomorrow they have the opportunity to earn the trust of the country, meeting this demand so expected by the Peruvian people. Let’s tell all of Peru, with the highest responsibility: we’re all leaving.”

The president was also emphatic that if the Chamber ignores her request, she has a plan b. He will immediately present a proposal on behalf of the Executive. “This regulatory proposal responds to the urgent need to improve the levels of democratic legitimacy of the country’s political representation. A situation that will allow the population to institutionally channel, and not through violence, their main demands on the national political agenda,” she said.

In order to hold the elections in October, the presidential term would have to be shortened, as well as that of the congressmen and representatives of the Andean Parliament. “The first round should be the second Sunday in October, and the second round in December,” he added. This Sunday’s announcement comes a day after the first protester was killed by police fire in Lima, the capital, although 58 people have already died since the crisis began last December.

But the advance was not the only big announcement of the night. Dina Boluarte, the first woman to cross the presidential band, the one who succeeded Pedro Castillo after his frustrated self-coup, communicated a second proposal that until a few weeks ago could be unimaginable: the total reform of the 1993 Constitution, which was promulgated during the government of Alberto Fujimori. “It is to settle once and for all the debate on the reform of the Constitution. A subject that is permanently used by some political forces to undermine any democratic solution to the current situation”.

The president said that the task will be made to the Constitution Commission of the next Congress. “This bill fits perfectly with the expectations of another sector of Congress that also wants to make political reforms through a Constituent Assembly. There would be no more pretexts for it to happen in 2023 ″, she stated. The initiative, she said, will be submitted to a referendum and “all the institutions will be able to present their contributions in the design of this reform.”

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