Bones and muscles will become stronger if you add this food to your diet.

05/13/2024 at 16:28


Fruits are an essential food that cannot be missing from our daily diet. However, not all fruits provide the same benefits to our body. raisin (or raisin) one of dried fruits more unknown.

Even though he doesn’t have many fans, raisin These are highly nutritious foods that provide many benefits to the human body and you should immediately consider adding them to your diet plan.

The Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN) assures that this fruit is healthy. rich in carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron and vitamins K, B3 and B1.. A very attractive nutritional plan that allows you to fight some chronic diseases: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, circulatory problems…

If we were to summarize these benefits, we would do it in three parts: diuretic, digestive and antioxidant properties. Raisins provide low glycemic index, making them a very healthy snack or appetizer; In addition, they are an ideal ally for cardiovascular and oral health.

One of the most unknown benefits of raisins is their invaluable health benefits. strengthen bones and increase the level of IGF-1, an important property for regulating the functioning of growth hormone.. All this along with his role when it comes to increase muscle massturn “raisins” into a fruit that should be present in a balanced manner in your diet.

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