Bonus 200 euros in July: how it is paid, category by category


With the Council of Ministers number 75, the second of the day of May 2, the so-called Aid Decree was approved, a decree-law containing “Urgent measures on national energy policies, business productivity and investment attraction, as well as on social policies and the Ukrainian crisis“. Among the measures present in this decree there is also an aid for families, a one-time 200 euro bonus for workers and retirees to counter the difficulties linked to the high prices we are experiencing in this period.

The allowance is recognized precisely to workers and retirees with income of less than 35,000 eurosand, as stated by Prime Minister Draghi during the press conference that followed the CdM, the measure will affect approximately 28 million Italians.

In the CdM of May 5, further refinements were made to the Aid Decree, which also concern the bonus in question. In particular, on the basis of the new approved draft, the check will be recognized also to domestic workers and domestic workers, seasonal workers, the unemployed and recipients of Citizenship Income. The audience of beneficiaries is therefore raised who, according to what is anticipated by The sun 24 hoursnow has more than 30 million citizens.

The Aid Decree provides for measures for a total of € 14 billion, measures that were financed while maintaining the same level of debt as the previous year. This, explains Draghi, “it is obtained by increasing the tax on the exceptional profits of energy companies, the profits that these companies have accumulated in recent months.

So let’s see in the next paragraphs how the bonus will work, to whom and how it will be recognized, and when it will arrive in the accounts of the Italians.

Aid Decree: bills, bonuses, all incoming measures

Bonus 200 euros in the Aid Decree: for whom

As anticipated, the 200 euro bonus present in the aid decree is aimed at:

  • workers (employees and self-employed)
  • retirees
  • unemployed recipients of NAspi and Dis-Coll
  • recipients of Citizenship Income;
  • Domestic workers and domestic workers

who have an income of up to 35 thousand euros. For the calculation of income, income of any kind will be taken into account, including those exempt from tax or subject to withholding tax or substitute tax, while they are not included in the count:

  • income of the dwelling house and related appurtenances;
  • severance indemnities;
  • arrears of fees subject to separate taxation;
  • ANF, family allowances and single universal allowance.

The bonus will not constitute income for tax purposes.

Bonus 200 euros: how it works for employees

No question will be needed regarding the employees, both public and private. In fact, for this category the bonus will be paid in paychecks by the employers, who will then recover it at the first useful tax payment. The employers will check in the balance at the end of the year whether the bonus is actually due to the employee, and if not, they will recover the amount (in eight installments).

Bonus 200 euros: how it works for the self-employed

The measure, as anticipated, also has workers among the beneficiaries autonomous. For these, the process is more complicated: the Aid Decree has provided for an ad hoc fund, but to know the exact methods of disbursement it will be necessary to wait for a ministerial decree that will define the rules.

The issue of the implementing decree is expected within 30 days from the publication of the Aid Decree in the Official Gazette, and only afterwards will we know how the bonus can be requested from INPS.

Bonus 200 euros: how it works for retirees

For pensioners, the disbursement it will take place ex officio along with the July pension check. The bonus also goes to whoever is in early retirement. It will be the INPS or the reference social security institution to take care of the disbursement.

Bonus 200 euros: domestic workers

THE domestic workers they can request the bonus with a specific application to be presented to INPS. Communications from the Institute are awaited, informing about the activation of the service.

Bonus 200 euros: RdC and unemployed earners

The earners of the Basic income they will receive the bonus by reloading the RdC card. The disbursement will not take place automatically to everyone: the INPS must first verify that within the nucleus that receives the Citizenship Income there are no subjects who are entitled to the bonus as employees or retirees.

Those who have received theunemployment benefit in June.

Bonus 200 euros in the Aid Decree: when it will arrive

The bonus it will be paid in July. Retirees will thus receive a richer check since the fourteenth also arrives in that month. Employees will receive the bonus in their July paycheck, as will those who received unemployment benefits in June.

Also for RdC recipients, the expected date falls in the month of July, although this also depends on the checks that will have to be carried out.

Bonus in July also for the self-employed and domestic workers, for which, however, the definition of the rules for applying is awaited.

Petrol and diesel discount, new Decree in CdM: extension to 8 July

The other measures in the Aid Decree

The one-off check of 200 euros is just one of the measures to support citizens and businesses present in the Aid Decree. In particular, we read on the institutional page of the executive that the provision will affect the following areas:

  • powerwith measures to reduce their cost, further simplify the authorization procedures for the construction of new plants and enhance national energy production;
  • businesseswith measures to ensure liquidity for companies affected by the Ukrainian crisis, to tackle the rise in the price of raw materials and construction materials, to ensure productivity and attract investments;
  • Worksocial policies and services to citizens, with measures for workers and retirees against inflation, as well as for personnel, local public transport, rentals, digital services;
  • territorial bodieswith measures to support Regions, provinces and municipalities and strengthen investments;
  • reception and economic supportwith measures both for the benefit of people fleeing and welcomed in Italy, and in favor of the Ukrainian government.

The social bonus for bills, it is also strengthened for the third quarter of 2022, always remaining also extended to households with Isee up to 12 thousand euros, and the tax credit for businesses is also strengthened.

News also for the Superbonus for single-family homes, which is extended until 31 December 2022 provided that at the date of September 30, 2022 works have been carried out for at least 30% of the total intervention.

With the update of May 5, a bonus with a maximum amount of 60 euros for the purchase of a nominative subscription to use the local public transport (bus, tram, metro), specifically for student and worker passes.

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