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The bonus 200 eurosintroduced by the Aid decree, should arrive with the paycheck from July. Let’s do some clarity to understand to whom it belongs And how to get it depending on category to which you belong (employees, self-employed, unemployed, pensioners, citizenship income earners and domestic collaborators).

The new bonus 200 EUR it is up to the workers, employees and self-employedand ai retirees with an income of up to 35 thousand euros. With the latest changes to the Aid decree, the 200 euro bonus will also be awarded to the recipients of the citizenship income and seasonal workers. The one-off bonus will also be extended to domestic workers (who were initially excluded) and to the whole world of domestic workers.

200 euro bonus for employees

The bonus 200 euros for the employees (of the public and private sector), as reported by Il Sole 24 Ore, will start automatically. It will be the employers who will recognize it with the July paycheck, only to then check in the balance at the end of the year whether it is actually due to the lesser employee, and possibly providing for the recovery of the amount in 8 installments.

200 euro bonus for pensioners and unemployed

Similar speech also for the 200 euro bonus for pensioners and for i unemployed. In fact, in July 2022, INPS (or the other social security institution in charge in the case of pensioners) will automatically recognize the one-off contribution to pensioners, “early retirees” and to those who in June will have received the indemnity unemployment.

For the calculation of the ceiling of 35 thousand euros, beyond which you are not entitled to bonus 200 euros, income of any kind is taken into account (including those exempt from tax or subject to withholding tax or substitute tax). On the other hand, the income of the dwelling house and its appurtenances, the severance indemnities and the arrears subject to separate taxation, the allowance for the family unit, the family allowances and the single universal allowance do not contribute to the calculation.

200 euro bonus with citizenship income

Bonus 200 euros also for earners of Basic income, even if in different ways and without the payment being triggered automatically. The INPS, in fact, will have to check the positions to avoid that the subsidy has already been obtained in cases where the recipients are retired, and the nuclei in which it is one of the components with low income who is entitled to the bonus as an employee.

200 euro bonus for maid service

The 200 euro bonus for home helps and carers, and for domestic workers in general, it should be disbursed in a similar way to those used in 2020 for the bonus during the Covid emergency, with INPS which should open the service for the collection of requests. For the application, then, it was necessary to be in possession of the INPS Pin, the SPID, the National Service Card (Cns) or the Cie (Electronic Identity Card).

Autonomous € 200 bonus

It is not yet clear, however, how does the 200 euro bonus for self-employed persons work. According to the latest news reported by sole 24 ore, it will be a ministerial decree to be issued within 30 days of the publication in the Official Gazette of the Aid decree to define the methods of disbursement of the bonus. Payment should still take place in July.

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