Boom Gala Games | + 200% after listing on Binance


There is a cryptocurrency that even on a day that is not edifying for the sector even has doubled its price within 24 hours. Not many will have heard of Gala Games and its token $ GALA, even if the incredible gain the last 24 hours will probably make it popular between speculators and enthusiasts of emerging cryptocurrencies.

We are facing a project that is – like so many who are registering impressive growth – at the intersection between world of video games (and in particular of virtual worlds) e non-fungible tokens, in the same way as Axies.

Amazing Gala Games run – but it’s not just speculation

And which today is among the strongest in the crypto world – touching the 500 million dollars of market capitalization. What is the next token to invest in?

How to take advantage of this news – Possible signs:

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Signals and brokers on GALA GAMES – the strongest project on the crypto market today

What is Gala Games – let’s try to make it clear

Gala develops video games on blockchainwhile offering a solid infrastructure through which gamers can own theirs game assets and also resell them on the marketplace. And the fact that the CEO was one of the co-founders of Zynga could only whet the appetite of speculators and investors.

GALA $ GALA 2020 Polygon Video games on the Blockchain Positive 🟢
The synthetic scheme on GALA

A network that aims at alternative ways of using technologies NFT, in a sector that has already given investors great satisfaction, just think of what happened to Axies, the game in style Pokemon, which however also combines a system of play to earn, or rather of remuneration, albeit indirect, for the players.

To contribute to the uniqueness of Gala Games there is also the development of several titles – which as the project managers say “were born to please the players” and which see the end user at the center of the process – and not as a mere consumer to squeeze every last penny. There are already several available, among them the already popular ones Spider Tank, Mirandus, Town Star and the highly anticipated Fortified which is in the process of being released. Overall an already important ecosystem, with the token $ GALA which is also used on the marketplace of the game items.

Why has the value of $ GALA grown so much?

Firstly, because the token has only recently been listed on Binance, one of the most important exchanges in the world, which has thus allowed access to the sale of Token even to those who are not directly interested in the games in question.

Secondly, however, was the great demand for tokens in particular by the players, who have to buy them to have access to the object market, or even to buy upgrades, virtual plots of land, etc.

What’s in the future of Gala?

The great boom of the last few hours, one of the strongest we have seen, could open up the possibility of correction in the short term. However, the fact remains, for those wishing to enter the market now, that Gala presents itself as one of the most solid and most interesting projects in the niche NFT. Even the curious system of sale of licenses to get a network node it is quite interesting, because it allows the network to monetize immediately and investors have a strong interest in the protocol to continue to grow and expand.

A formula that would seem, for the moment, to be among the most solid in a sector that is still very lively and which is still in full expansion phase. Overall we believe it is a project to follow very closely – because it could make the fortune of both gamers and those who instead look at cryptocurrencies with an exclusively speculative approach.


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