‘Boom’ of aesthetic medicine: wave of clinics in Segovia

Botox, hyaluronic acid fillers, lip augmentation, laser mole removal, platelet-rich plasma, medical peeling, correction of dark circles and bags… These are some of the treatments advertised in its showcase by the MedSpa aesthetic medicine clinic, located in a commercial premises on San Francisco street. But the list continues up to sixteen and is completed with the other more than sixty that this center also offers but that it only advertises inside. And all of them at street level, on the other side of the door, next to the butchers, jewelers or the pharmacy that populate this commercial street in Segovia just a few meters from the Plaza del Azoguejo. But it is not the only aesthetic medicine clinic that has opened its doors in Segovia in recent months.

In Plaza de José Zorrilla, the possibility of getting Botox has become one of its main claims thanks to Dorsia, one of the largest chains in Europe, valued at nearly 150 million euros. Aesthetic medicine extends to at least five other commercial premises in the city and another opening is being prepared in Gobernador Fernández Jiménez. «[Su augre] I think it is a combination of circumstances,” says the vice president of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine, Sergio Fernández. «It could have been due to the appearance of social networks since people comment almost directly on the treatments that are being done. That has made it much easier to reach people, because before what worked was word of mouth and if someone was very daring, they looked in the yellow pages or on some ad site for a place to have procedures done. Social networks have the ability to reach practically any corner of the world and that means that people who, for example, used to think that procedures were still painful or that you had to be off for I don’t know how many days, see now that it’s not like that» , begins this doctor.

The average age of those who come to aesthetic medicine has also dropped. Now it is around 30 years old in many cases, according to the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine itself. “It has come a long way and now goes far beyond correcting a wrinkle or augmenting a lip. It is about making a real aging prevention medicine. That concept has undoubtedly permeated very deeply in society. People who like good food, who do sports and who also want to see their skin healthy. And aesthetic medicine has many tools that can contribute to this somewhat healthier way of life, and that are far from frivolous, “argues Dr. Fernández.

'Boom' of aesthetic medicine: wave of opening of clinics‘Boom’ of aesthetic medicine: wave of opening of clinics – Photo: Rosa Blanco

This sector is struggling to shake off the bad image it has dragged on for a long time, accentuated in recent months after the death of a 34-year-old woman in Madrid after undergoing a triple cosmetic surgery operation. The College of Physicians of Segovia has not received any complaint against centers of this type in the province. Its president, Graciliano Estrada, recalls that “if a center advertises itself as aesthetic medicine, it must have a doctor who is responsible for the activity carried out there.” «You have to have the ‘U.48’ unit – the permission to carry out these treatments – and there has to be a doctor behind you who receives you and to whom you can explain what is happening to you and open a medical history for you- clinic where your records are collected, ”adds the vice president of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine. “Because there may be procedures that are contraindicated in a patient. For example, a patient who wants to have a lip augmentation is very common. Our obligation is to ask him if he has had a history of herpes on the lip because if he says yes, we cannot do the treatment. We need to do a previous prophylactic treatment of between seven and ten days where the patient takes a specific medication to prevent that herpes from reproducing again ».

The doctor-director of MedSpa, Juan Pablo Jaramillo, assures that in his case he knows his limits. For fifteen years he has lived in Segovia, during which time he has worked at the General Hospital, in Primary Care and has specialized in aesthetic medicine. The clinic opened in December last year. “The offer in Segovia was not very wide and I saw that there was a market because in Madrid clinics where I have worked I saw many patients from Segovia,” he indicates. His patients range from girls to women in their 80s, and Botox is the most in-demand treatment. He is the king, although they also ask us for many fillers with hyaluronic acid and comprehensive rejuvenation treatments, such as tension threads, and patients also come to us for consultations about acne or because they have a lot of hair for hormonal reasons, “explains Dr. Jaramillo.

COMPETITION. Competition, he says, has increased in recent months in Segovia with the opening of other clinics. Precisely the extensive existing offer has led to more affordable prices and has democratized access to aesthetic medicine thanks in part to the drop in the cost of equipment. “Before it was for people with more purchasing power. Now the working middle class can afford to spend 100 or 200 euros,” says Jaramillo. However, the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine warns about possible misleading promotions in the sector. Medical associations have specific advertising regulations that prohibit treatment raffles or promotions. “That people distrust draws and promotions because many times what happens is that, by offering reduced prices, the products may not be of quality, that they do not have the correct certification or that they are not put in their entirety, it is In other words, what should be administered for one patient should be administered for two”, warns the vice president of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

'Boom' of aesthetic medicine: wave of opening of clinics‘Boom’ of aesthetic medicine: wave of opening of clinics

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