Boone responds to Cashman blaming Astros for failure

The Yankees general managerBrian Cashman blamed the stars by drought that can not break New York without being crowned in the World Series. However, who already responded to the comment made by the executive was the manager Aaron Boonesince right now he has Marwin González on his squad, a former Houston player convicted of stealing signs along with several elements that were his companions such as: José Altuve, Carlos Correa, Alex Bregman, among others.

After an interview with ESPN correspondent Marly Rivera, Boone assured that Cashman’s strong statements do not worry him in reference to the fact that they could cause discomfort in González, who has had a great Soring Training and seeks to earn a place on the Major League roster. .

The boss of the Bombers said he is not worried about what the Venezuelan utility player may feel as a result of Cashman’s comments, since he knows that he is a person who has openly accepted his guilt for the past events that condemned the Astros to receive a punishment from Major League Baseball after the sign-stealing scheme they invented in 2017.

According to Brian Cashman, in a recent chat with The Athletic, had it not been for the cheating of the Houston Astros when they were found to have illegally stolen signs in 2017, the Bronx Bombers would have won the World Series that year. year, instead, they were eliminated by the “Siderales” in the American League Championship Series (ALCS).

It has been more than a decade since the Yankees lifted the championship trophy in a World Series. It was in the distant 2009 when the Bombers beat the Phillies in six games to achieve their twenty-seventh (27) title in the Major Leagues.

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