Borgetti believes that Argentina does not have the best national team or defense

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To the conclude the lottery from Qatar 2022 last April 1, in which Mexico was paired up with Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Poland. All looks is it so put on at duel between Tricolor and the Albicelestewhich one various figures they have spoken, What the historic striker of the national team, Jared Borgetti.

“Being realistic It’s not the best moment in Argentina. They improved a lot without being extraordinary or what you say is a Selection that we are going to lose for sure. We can match them there are more chances of losing, it is true, but you also have to play“, he said in the first instance.

“Is a schoice that has good playersbut on the defensive sideunlike other Argentines, who had trusted men, today it may be one of the lines that has the least. If they don’t have a good defense it’s complicated.”

Later, who was a World Cup with Mexico in 2002 and 2006 rreaffirmed his approachorto the point that south american squad It has high-quality footballers, but it is not overwhelming at the collective level.

“In names Argentina has big namesbut how it works There is not nothing extraordinary and there we can equate. It is also true that Mexico is not in a great moment either.”

“The Mexican demands more than he deserves”

On the other hand, nor could avoid talking about the highly criticized operation of the Mexican team under the management of Tata Martino, who suffered to get directly into the 2022 World Cup.

“Once Tata Martino told me: More pressure than I had in Barcelona every week and give a good result. What happens is that the Mexican fan demands more than he deserves. In short, Martino is a good coach but the National Team is not walking.”

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