Boric spoke about the Argentine base in Chilean territory: “They will remove the panels as soon as possible or we will do it”

Chilean President Gabriel Boric speaks during the closing press conference of the Ukraine peace summit in Stanstadt, near Lucerne, Switzerland, June 16, 2024 (Reuters)
Chilean President Gabriel Boric speaks during the closing press conference of the Ukraine peace summit in Stanstadt, near Lucerne, Switzerland, June 16, 2024 (Reuters)

chairman Gabriel Boric In recent hours, he referred to the diplomatic conflict that broke out in the south of the country as a result of the establishment of Argentine military base the creation of which involved the annexation of part of Chilean territory. According to the president, he “received”Apology from the Argentine Foreign Ministry“, although he made it clear that his country demands”This needs to be resolved as soon as possible.,

,We learned some time ago that Argentina had installed solar panels on Chilean territory while setting up a military base in the Patagonia region. We have received an apology from the Argentine foreign ministry, but I would like to tell you very clearly that borders are not something with which there can be ambiguities and this is a fundamental principle of respect between countries and so they have to withdraw those solar panels soon or we are going to do it ourselves“, he pointed Boric In statements given to the press.

Boricwhich is in the Europe where he participated Ukraine Peace Summitclarified that he had discussed the diplomatic incident with his Argentine counterpart, Xavier Miley, mileyAccording Borictold him that he would refer the consultation to his Foreign Minister, Diana Mondino,I think we are not going to have any problems in this regard, but it is a confusing signal, a signal that we do not like and so what we demand is that it be resolved in the shortest possible time and I insist, if not, we are going to” the Chilean head of state said.

,Our States have an excellent relationship with Argentina and it is important to maintain that relationship and not make exaggerated statements about that or try to be constructive.“, Said Boric and commented: “What we need to do here is respect the boundaries. This is what we are demanding regarding our region, As I said, either they get it out or we get it out as quickly as possible.. But with Argentina we are united by many things. Therefore, I do not intend to increase the tension between our relations in this regard to the extent that the brevity is resolved.

Although the Chilean government dramatized the issue, some lawmakers called for the demolition of Argentina's infrastructure.
Although the Chilean government dramatized the issue, some lawmakers called for the demolition of Argentina’s infrastructure.

on 29th April Argentine Army inaugurated the “Maritime Traffic Surveillance and Control Post Milestone 1”right on the border that divides the country from Chile in the middle of Patagonia. However, some solar panels Bills used to provide electricity were passed three meters in Chilean territory, causing uneasiness among the Chilean government, which formally claimed Pink House,

For his part, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile, Alberto Van Klaveren“The President did not mention the intentions that Argentina or the company that effectively installed the panels on Chilean territory might have,” reported . What basically matters is that a facility is in Chilean territory and the President was very clear in requesting its immediate removal. Either from the Argentine side or, if it is not possible, from our side, according to the Chilean newspaper, and at the same time he recalled the importance of relations between the two countries. third,

A few days ago, the ambassador of Argentina George Fourie recognized the error and tried to put a cold cloth on the matter, making sure that “It’s not such an impressive job, it has some solar panels installed but they didn’t check carefully what the coordinates that marked the border were”. In a cordial tone, the ambassador offered an option “that we are considering and talking about with the Chilean authorities: that the panels that are the electricity provider could also supply Chile, which would be useful for the garrison that is there,” he concluded. However, Chile does not evaluate this as a viable option.

The alarming reactions did not wait and he was the senator Pedro Araya (PPD), president of the Defense Commission of the Upper House, which sparked the fire, pointed out that even if it was a small error of three meters, the work should be demolished and that he would summon Chancellor Alberto Van Klaveren to Congress. Clarify the dispute.

“We believe that the Ministry of External Affairs acted correctly in seeking clarifications in the matter and there is no doubt that what is appropriate is done Demolition of this infrastructure, given that it is located Chilean territory”, Shooting.

For his part, the deputy Francisco Undurag (Evópoli), was also chairman of the Defense Commission of the Lower House “Very concerned”.

“Unfortunately, when we’re talking Limitations and boundariesThe government will have to be extremely Difficult In demanding that it not be violated. We are very concerned. If it were the other way round, the Argentine government would not so loose As our Chancellor said in his response,” he concluded.

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