Boruto Uzumaki’s Flying Thunder God Explained

Boruto: two blue vortices Chapter 4 was recently released and it is quite clear for fans to see that it was one of the most intense chapters that fans could witness, following the return of the series. This month’s episode was packed with information and at the same time covered groundbreaking events, which can easily be labeled as the most shocking since the series returned.

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This month’s chapter not only revealed more story related to 10 Tails, but also showed the fate of several beloved characters while also managing to focus on Boruto Uzumaki’s growth. Fans already know that Boruto has become tremendously powerful over the past 3 years, and now, it is clear that he has also managed to learn one of the most powerful Jutsu to ever exist, the Flying Thunder God.

What is the Flying Thunder God Technique?

Naruto Minato Namikaze Flying Thunder God Rasengan Jutsu

The Flying Thunder God Technique is one of the strongest space-time Jutsu that has ever existed in the world. naruto world. This technique was developed by none other than the Second Hokage of Konoha, Tobirama Senju. Fans know that Tobirama is an exceptionally powerful Hokage. He was quite an inventor and developed a lot of powerful jutsu over time. Fans know that Tobirama is exceptionally skilled when it comes to developing techniques and it can be said that one of the most useful skills he came up with was Flying Thunder God. Basically, this technique allows the user to establish some type of seal on any living or inanimate object.

The person can then teleport to this mark instantly, traversing space and time. This is a powerful space-time ninjutsu that can be extremely useful in combat when used correctly. While Tobirama certainly developed this Jutsu, it was none other than Konoha’s Fourth Hokage, Minato, who perfected the use of this technique and took it to the next level. Minato is the best user of the Flying Thunder God in all of history. In fact, his nickname Yellow Flash was given to him due to his skill with this Jutsu. Minato also developed secondary stages of this technique that allowed him to hit the target in a much more efficient manner. In terms of speed, Minato was faster than Tobirama and even his use of the Flying Thunder God Jutsu was much better.

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Minato’s shinobi squad was also capable of performing the Flying Raijin Jutsu. However, none of them could use it on their own. Essentially, three of these Shinobi had to combine their powers to perform this technique, demonstrating the complexity of this power. Fans saw this technique performed during the Fourth Great Ninja War when Mei Terumi was brought to the battlefield after Madara’s arrival. It’s pretty clear for fans to see that the Flying Thunder God Jutsu is one of the most useful ones ever in Naruto, and now, Boruto can perform this technique as well.

Boruto Uzumaki learns the flying thunder god


Boruto Uzumaki underwent a 3-year time skip training at the end of Boruto Part 1. Fans got to see Boruto leave the village with Sasuke and promise to get stronger. Unfortunately, fans have yet to see any of his training. That being said, fans know that Boruto has become tremendously powerful. At some point, Boruto also managed to learn the Flying Thunder God technique and this jutsu certainly gives him more versatility in combat. The story does not explain how Boruto learned this Jutsu. Fans don’t even know who exactly taught it to them. However, it can only be Sasuke or Kashin Koji.

Boruto used this technique for the first time recently and managed to teleport from right in front of Kawaki to Code’s pocket dimension. Normally, it should have been impossible for Boruto to reach this place. However, it seems that Boruto has a mark on Code that allows him to teleport to him instantly.

This could also explain how Boruto was able to teleport and step on Code’s face in the first chapter of the manga sequel. Interestingly, Boruto mentioned that he is still not that proficient in this technique. Boruto is still a young ninja and it is not yet possible to master the Flying Thunder God. That being said, Boruto does possess decent skill with this technique. He needs to concentrate a lot to locate and teleport to his targets, especially if they are further away.

At the end of the day, it gets the job done, which is what matters. However, Boruto explicitly mentions that his use of this technique is not as good as that of his grandfather, Minato. Minato was an absolutely incredible user of this jutsu and he had spent years trying to perfect it. So, it makes sense that Boruto isn’t all that skilled with it yet. However, fans should keep in mind that Boruto has his entire life ahead of him to master this technique and reach the same level as Minato and possibly even surpass him.

How Boruto can improve the Flying Thunder God technique

boruto uzumaki rasengan Uzuhiko boruto two blue vortex 4

Flying Thunder God is a Jutsu that Minato perfected, but it’s clear that Boruto hasn’t mastered it yet. In order to use this technique to its fullest, Boruto would need to use special kunai, like the ones Minato used. This will give him more versatility in combat and allow him to take his enemies by surprise, making Boruto one of the fastest Shinobi that exist. Of course, this will be difficult for Botuto to achieve; However, since he is a genius and a character who learns things quite quickly, fans should expect him to master this skill in no time. Boruto can also use this jutsu in many other ways and incorporate it into his other powerful techniques. The fact is that Boruto has gained a huge speed boost thanks to the Flying Thunder God and needs to make the most of it in combat.

Boruto learning this technique also allows the plot to advance in many ways. For example, if you’ve permanently checked Code, fans will know that you can teleport to it whenever you want. This is a huge development in the story and allows these characters to come together and at the same time potentially even work together to defeat the 10 Tails clones. Fans already know that Code and Boruto now face the same enemy and, perhaps, the Flying Thunder God Jutsu will be the link that will bring them together to face this new front of enemies.

Boruto is available to read through Viz Media. Fans can read the series officially and for free on the Shonen Jump app and Manga Plus. The release date of the next Boruto chapter, Boruto Part 2 Chapter 5, will be December 20, 2023.

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