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The botox It is recognized in the world of beauty for its high demand in aesthetic medicine, together with infiltrations of hyaluronic acid, to reclaim the youth of the face. Treats wrinkles that tend to appear on the forehead and between the eyebrows. But it also finds several uses such as the treatment of sweating, migraines…

Doctor Paloma González, from the Chamberí Clinic, in Spain, says: “Botulinum toxin type A, known by its commercial name (Botox), is an effective neurotoxic poison that inhibits signal transmission at the neuromuscular junction, producing muscle paralysis. In the right proportion, it has a beneficial effect for many pathologies where the problem lies in an involuntary or excessive movement of a muscle”.

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Botox for tooth protection

For bruxism (teeth grinding, something very common due to stress), Dr. González points out that “Botox will act by relaxing the muscle and inhibiting excess chewing power. In patients in whom the masseter muscle has overdeveloped, increased in size and changed the patient’s facial physiognomy, the application of botulinum toxin acts by reducing the size of the muscle and refining the face. And it eliminates the problems associated with bruxism, such as tension headaches, neck or back pain, dental wear and temporomandibular dysfunction.». But it is a temporary effect, therefore, if you want to maintain it, it should be applied every 6-8 months.

massive sweating

Botox also fights the hyperhidrosis (excess sweat) located in the armpits and the palms of the hand. “Block the acetylcholine receptor at the level of the sweat glands, without systemic effects. It is contraindicated in those allergic to eggs and as a secondary effect, compensatory hyper-sweating can sometimes occur in other areas, most commonly in the upper back»says Dr. Pilar de Frutos, plastic surgeon and expert in aesthetic medicine. The duration of treatment is from 6 months to a year.

Botox serves both to hide wrinkles and reduce sweat. (Photo: freepik)
Botox serves both to hide wrinkles and reduce sweat. (Photo: freepik)

Botox can also be applied to the genital area. Dr. Bárbara Fernández del Bas, a specialist in longevity and aesthetic gynecology at Clinique La Prairie, explains that “It serves to relax the muscles. Botulinum toxin blocks the release of acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction, resulting in chemo-denervation causing temporary flaccid paralysis of the muscle for about 6 months. It improves vaginismus grade I and II, vulvodynia, vestibulodynia, painful episiotomy and dyspareunia with hypertonic pelvic floor dysfunction. After a single application, a complete regenerative and sexological treatment is started to improve the patient’s pain dysfunction and does not require more sessions”.

They also help with acne and rosacea. Dr. Virtudes Ruiz, a general surgeon and cosmetic doctor at Virtud Estética, says «Botulinum toxin, infiltrated in a diluted way, regulates sebaceous secretion and improves mild or moderate acne. This active ingredient acts on the acetylcholine system, which is the neurotransmitter involved in sebum production, reducing it. In addition, it prevents acne breakouts and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which reduces possible marks and scars.». A session every three months would be useful if there is a massive outbreak of acne. With rosacea, it prevents the skin from becoming too red.


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