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By Damian Abreu

The news comes to us through the Cuban Boxing specialized page, one of the most reliable sources on boxers from the Greater Antilles. The event in question, as it had been known, occurred on the night of December 31, but until today no confirmation had been received from any media that could be close to the subject.

In the Cuban Boxing Instagram profile you can read the following statement: Bad news to start the year. I have confirmed that Yuriorkis Gamboa is being held in Cuba after an accident on a public highway that ended up causing the death of a passerby. We do not know the details of what happened, only that it happened in Santiago de Cuba on December 31, but we are working on it so stay tuned…´´

During the past year, Gamboa’s visits to Cuba made news on a couple of occasions. In them you could see him sharing with family and friends and even training in the streets.

Undoubtedly, unfortunate news for the loss of a human life, in addition to the fact that one of the most media figures in Cuban sports in recent years is involved. We hope that, within the tragedy of the event, the facts can be well clarified. From here we express our condolences and support for the relatives of the deceased.

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