Boxing gala postponed because of the marriage of J-Lo and Ben Affleck?

The world welterweight championship fight between Oscar Rivas and Poland’s Lukasz Rozanski, which was due to take place in Cali on August 13, has been pushed back by a few weeks. This outcome has a link with the singer Jennifer Lopez.

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The event’s Colombian promoter, Juan Carlos Moreno, had promised a top-notch gala to be staged at Cali’s Pascual Guerrero Stadium, a 40,000-seat amphitheater.

In addition to boxing, Moreno also wanted to put on a music show with Jennifer Lopez as the headliner on the same night. Willie Colon, Chris Brown, Natalia Paris and Omar Geles were also on stage.

Boxing gala postponed because of the marriage of J-Lo and Ben Affleck?

Negotiations were well underway with the international artist, but everything fell apart in the last three weeks. Lopez married actor Ben Affleck before going on their honeymoon.

Since Lopez was the main performer of the night, everything else followed. The Rivas-Rozanski fight will be presented on another date at a location that is yet to be determined.

In short, several people in the file, including the two boxers, are swimming in the fog for the rest of things.

Several clues

For Rivas, fighting in Colombia was a lifelong dream. After he became world champion, the protege of Marc Ramsay had mentioned that this project was close to his heart.

During a trip to celebrate his conquest, Rivas had had contact with the Ministry of Sports of Colombia. Its promoter Yvon Michel had come to an agreement with politicians for the organization of the gala.

Then there was a press conference last April. The project was well on track.

On the other hand, the cancellation of a press conference in Bogota in June began to cast doubt on the holding of the gala. Subsequently, the clues began to accumulate.

Initially, the end of Rivas’ training camp was to be held in Bogota, but the whole thing was canceled. Coach Marc Ramsay said it would be held in Montreal.

Then, all of Rivas’ sparring partners were canceled two weeks ago.

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