Boy dies in his mother’s arms, allegedly without medical attention

Panama- A minor, died this friday in the arms of his mother in herd Juli, codistrict regiment Mironóon the Ngäbe-Buglé region, at the stop near the region’s health center, supposedly, after being told deny medical care because his mother was not wearing a mask.

The infant’s relatives have already requested the Public ministry and to Ministry of Health (Minsa) to investigate this case, since according to Damien Santos, uncle of the minor, to the mother “saidThey said that he could not pass, because he was not wearing the mask. She insists and tells the doctor that the child was in serious condition, but she demanded the mask again.

Santos alleged thatwhat the his nephew’s mother, in “middle of his despair”! -because he did not know what to do-, “he sat in the bus booth and it is in that moment the child dies.

On the subject, the Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, who was participating in an institutional tour of the Chirican East, explained that the “minor suffered from heart disease and other disorders; however, andThe Minsa is already conducting an investigation medical and clinical to know exactly what happened to him.”

Sucre maintained that on the complaint of lack of care for not wearing the mask, the version provided by the regional director of Health, “it’s not that“Well, according to what he said, he informed him that the child was off premises and that one of the health center doctorsHe went out to attend to him when he informed her that the child was in poor condition and it seems that when she arrived he was already without vital signs.

It will be through the investigations carried out by the Minsa and the Public Ministry that the cause of death of the infant will be determined.


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