Brad and Angelina, the legal war resumes again


There is no respite in the legal war between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for child custody, following the certified divorce in 2019. After Judge John Ouderkirk had provisionally granted joint custody of Pitt’s five minor children in May, the ex-wife’s lawyers had reoccupied the judge, thereby overturning the previous sentence. Through his lawyers, however, Brad immediately filed an appeal with the California Supreme Court for a complete review of the case. And now it’s all to be redone.

Brad and Angelina at the lawyer war

Jolie’s attorneys had gotten the ousting of Ouderkirk, the couple’s private judge for years because they said he failed to inform the actress’s attorneys of her involvement in some ongoing legal proceedings with Pitt’s counsel. This would have made him less “objective” and less “impartial” in making decisions.

Brad’s appeal

The appeal filed by Pitt argues instead that ousting the judge has “effectively overturned the constitutionally authorized temporary judging system in California” and now “opens the door to new disqualifications at any time during a case, even if the party who raised the motion has long been informed about the alleged reasons for disqualification “. The plaintiff’s lawyers then say that Jolie was “made aware of Judge Ouderkirk’s professional relationship with Pitt’s lawyer from the start” of the custody case, but that she would have waited years to seek his disqualification.




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