Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie face off in court in Luxembourg

The commercial dispute over the decades-old wine company Château Miraval takes place this autumn in Portugal.




The commercial dispute over the decades-old wine company Château Miraval takes place this autumn in Portugal.

Nouvel, a holding formerly owned by Angelina Jolie, is currently facing legal proceedings in Luxembourg against Mondo Bongo, another holding by actor and ex-husband Brad Pitt.

Nouvel’s legal team will defend this autumn, in a Luxembourg court, the appointment of a representative of the limited liability company Quimicum, co-owned by Mondo Bongo and Nouvel, the team confirmed to the Luxembourg Times.

In this type of company, the partners cannot be held responsible for losses arising from their activity beyond their holdings.

Quimicum, headquartered in the Cloche d’Or district of the capital, owns the famous Château Miraval winery, owned by the couple. Brad Pitt’s Mondo Bongo holds a 50% stake in Quimicum, the same percentage held by Angelina Jolie’s Nouvel.

The wine estate in the south of France, Château Miraval, owned by the companies of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

The wine estate in the south of France, Château Miraval, owned by the companies of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

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After a bitter and high-profile divorce since 2016, Pitt and Jolie have also been questioning the future of their southern French wine estate, Château Miraval, particularly famous for its rosé wine.

Pitt will have tried to sell part of Jolie to friends

Brad Pitt’s lawyers have made multiple allegations against Jolie, such as the lack of contribution by the actress to the luxury winery property since 2013, “at a time of preliminary renovations”, citing a case presented by Mondo Bongo in February 2013. 2022 in the United States.

But according to an appeal filed in early September by Jolie’s legal team, Pitt named himself the rightful owner of Château Miraval, “wasting millions in assets” and trying to give Jolie’s 50% stake in Chemicum to your friends.

In question is a property in France where the couple got married in 2014.

In fact, Nouvel proposed an administration composed of two directors of its own, two directors of Mondo Bongo, and a director chosen “from among reputed independent directors in Luxembourg”, the document reads. These proposals were rejected by Pitt and his team at Mondo Bongo.

As a result of multiple unresolved business disputes, including a rebuffed attempt to share equal representation on Quimicum’s board of directors, Jolie sold Nouvel to Tenute Del Mondo in October last year, a subsidiary of the Stoli group’s alcohol company, with headquarters in Luxembourg. The company is owned by Russian oligarch Yuri Shefler.

In 2020, Quimicum’s management consisted of a single director who had been provided by a management company, declared the challenge filed by Jolie’s and Nouvel’s lawyers.

The company was blocked with the dismissal of a director

“Concerned by Pitt’s behavior towards Château Miraval, representatives of Nouvel spoke with the director of Quimicum on September 2, 2020. They found that, for years, the director of Quimicum had not taken any steps towards exercising a corporate control over Château Miraval.”

In June of last year, the company’s director resigned and, as a result, it remained a company without decision-making powers, where Nouvel and its new owners could not execute any decisions. Under Luxembourg law, Quimicum cannot act without any directors.

“This left Pitt and Château Miraval without any effective oversight because a directorless Quimicum could not take any steps to oversee Château Miraval,” the challenge stated.

Thus, Nouvel’s legal team will try to make the current two shareholders, Nouvel and Mondo Bongo, run the company in a way that both their rights are equally protected, revealed Anne Sophie Boul, one of Nouvel’s lawyers, in an email sent to Luxembourg. Teams.

According to Boul, Nouvel will seek to end the “artificial blockade built from scratch by Mondo Bongo and Brad Pitt”.

“In no case is it a question of having the advantage over the other shareholder, but on the contrary, Nouvel just asks to be treated fairly.”

Previous lawsuit filed in Luxembourg

The former couple, nicknamed “Brangelina” by millions of fans around the world, bought Château Miraval through Quimicum, acquiring all the shares for 25 million euros, with Mondo Bongo buying 60% of the stake and Nouvel 40 %.

Actors have always intended to become owners equally, the appeal explained. In order to honor the agreement, Pitt transferred 10% of the outstanding shares that were held by Mondo Bongo to Nouvel in 2013, which at the time was fully owned by Jolie. Consequently, Nouvel and Mondo Bongo became equal owners of Quimicum and, therefore, indirect co-owners of Château Miraval.

But a year ago, Mondo Bongo sued Nouvel in Luxembourg to void the 2013 transaction in which it transferred 10% of Quimicum shares to Nouvel.

Pitt’s defense claimed that the couple’s agreement was invalid because it allegedly had no “cause,” which under Luxembourg law means a benefit or a purpose, the order said.

Mondo Bongo sued Nouvel twice, with the second lawsuit taking place in Luxembourg, and sought to deposit the contested 10% of Quimicum shares pending the resolution of the dispute between the parties.

The official dismissal of Pitt’s case by the Luxembourg court took place in February 2022 and was ratified in June by the Luxembourg court of appeal, as it “lacks merit in its position”.

Sale of company to Russian oligarch made headlines

In response to Jolie’s October 2021 sale of Nouvel to Tenute del Mondo, Pitt’s legal team found in February that the actress had “claimed to sell her stake to a Luxembourg-based spirits manufacturer controlled by the Russian oligarch.” Yuri Shefler” unbeknownst to Pitt.

Pitt’s team also accused Shefler of having close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, causing an avalanche of headlines linking Jolie to Putin.

“Pitt’s suggestion that the Stoli Group and its founder and owner Yuri Shefler are somehow linked to Vladimir Putin is categorically false,” wrote Nouvel.

“In reality, Stoli and Shefler have been fighting a well-known battle against Putin for decades,” explained Jolie’s defense.

(This article was originally published in the English edition of Luxemburger Wort.)

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In question is a property in France where the couple got married in 2014.

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