Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have an heiress in the family

The birth of Shiloh Jolie-Pittthe first biological daughter of Angelina Jolie Y Brad Pitt, became a world event back in 2006. Hundreds of publishers fought for the exclusive photo of one of the most famous newborns in the world; and time later she continued to star in some covers due to her gender transition. However, despite the fact that Shiloh has been the most mediatic of the six children of Brad and Angelina, the one that she has inherited the passion and acting talent of their parents has been Vivienne Marchelinethe 14-year-old twin sister of Knox Leon Jolie-Pitt.

Shiloh Jolie Pitt

Although all six of Pitt and Jolie’s children have grown up surrounded by cameras and a lot of attention, each of them has developed their own personal tastes. However, Vivienne has been the one who has been most attracted to acting from a very young age, since she participated in the successful film ‘Maleficent’, starring his mother, when he was only 4 years old. And Vivienne’s passion for the performing arts is so great that she has asked her mother to accompany her to see the musical for the second time. ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ in the city of Philadelphia. This musical has become a true inspiration for the young woman and has managed to win six Tony Awards since its premiere.

The first time that Vivienne saw the musical was in the city of Los Angeles, and as explained by a source close to the Jolie family in a conversation with ‘People’, the young “loved the show” and was really fascinated by the work. For that reason, she decided to travel to Philadelphia “just to see it again” once again during the musical’s tour throughout the United States. On this occasion, both Vivienne and Angelina were able to approach the cast to meet them and congratulate them on their great work. The magazine ‘People’ assured that Jolie and her daughter “They were charming and friendly, and they were enthusiastic about the performance of Anthony Norman as ‘Evan’”.

Vivienne Marcheline

Also, the cast members of ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ have shared a series of photos taken behind the scenes in the company of their famous fans, who were smiling at every moment. This musical, which has been adapted for the cinema, tells the story of a young high school student who suffers from anxiety problems and that he has made the decision to approach the family of a classmate who made the decision to end his life.

Vivienne Jolie-Pitt is naturally good at acting

In a conversation with ‘Entertainment Weekly’, Angelina Jolie recounted how her youngest daughter ended up in front of the cameras at the age of four, playing the younger version of the princess aurora in ‘Maleficent’. “The actresses of 3 or 4 years did not want to approach me. She had to be a girl who already knew me and who wasn’t afraid to see me with horns, eyes with contact lenses and long nails. So it had to be Viv”, he recounted.

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