Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, new 250 million euro lawsuit: what happened

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie I’m back in the center of the spotlights. According to the latest rumors, a new one has been brought it causes from the company of Angelina against the ex husband and actor Hollywood. I “Brangelina“, as they are called dai fanthey are still one of the most couples today love. Their separation was announced in 2016when the Jolie in addition to presenting the documents for the divorce it also has reported the husband for violent behavior. Since that time the two have been involved in several legal battles concerning thereliance of the children, you are in everything, ei disagreements on the property. There new cause now provides for compensation for 250 million euros. What is it about?

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The winery

The lawsuit concerns the company wine francesce Chateau Mirava SA that the former couple had bought together in 2012, during their relationfor about 25 million euros. Pittaccording to the documents filed in courtwas accused of having squandered millions of euros from the family business for use personal and for projects such as the construction of the one million euro swimming pool.

However, it seems that the dispute over the cellar began last year when Brad Pitt – who recently told of living with the prosopagnosiaa serious neurological disorder – accused the Jolie of “systematic obstruction” regarding the management of the company. Recently, Brad Pitt’s lawyers confirmed that the Jolie did not contribute anything to the success of the company, but that the whole credit goes to the former husband.

Last updated: Thursday 8 September 2022, 4:04 pm


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