Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s daughter appears without her father’s last name

Miami.- separation of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie This was far from what could be described as a turbulent process. After it became public in 2016 that the couple had ended their decade-long romance, some internal conflicts also emerged, particularly in the relationship between the actor and his six children.

However, although the divorce was finalized in 2019; Problems continue with the care of his biological and adopted children.

Now, one of Brangelina’s daughters (as the couple was popularly called) has made a gesture that reveals which side she is on in the controversy that both the actors are facing.

Zahra, who Angelina and Brad adopted from Ethiopia in 2005, was recently admitted brotherhood Alpha Kappa Alpha.

In the video released of her presentation, the 18-year-old is proud of the important personal step she has taken. However, one detail caught the attention of her followers and those who followed her parents over the years: Zahara dropped Brad’s last name, and introduced herself simply as Zahra Marley Jolie.


Although the young woman never commented on the matter, suspicions arose on social networks that perhaps the relationship between Brad and her had broken down.

In 2022, the actor said he is proud of her Daughter Spelman was about to start his first year in college. “He’s very smart. He’ll excel even more in college.” “It’s an exciting and beautiful time to find your own path and pursue your interests,” he told Vanity Fair.

The action also drew attention to the decision that Maddox, the eldest of Angelina and Brad’s children, made regarding his name: he presents himself in non-legal documents only with the last name Jolie. According to US Weekly, the 22-year-old considered changing her name in 2021, but her mother didn’t approve.

During the couple’s legal battle over custody of their children, it was revealed that an argument on a private jet led to the divorce proceedings. The actor allegedly suffocated one of his children and hit another in the face when they tried to defend Angelina.



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