Brad Pitt and Bad Bunny add speed to the action

Where?: Available on Prime Video

An apparent isolated mission of five assassins turned into a story full of action and humor is the bet of “Bullet Train”, one of the most promising films of the year that, in addition to being directed by David Leitch (“Deadpool”), brings together in the same train to a cast that even in reality seemed distant.

Thus we have the protagonist of “The kissing booth” Joey King, who in this film is a macabre very intelligent girl with dangerous relationships; Brad Pitt, who plays a low-profile mercenary, one of those who spends his whole life deciphering passwords, opening doors and stealing briefcases, who is about to retire; and reggaeton singer Bad Bunny in the role of a powerful Mexican capo whose life was inadvertently ruined by a mobster.

Among the passengers are other actors who had never been put together in a cast such as Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds and Hiroyuki Sanada (“Mortal Kombat”).

The trip is from Tokyo to Morioka, in Japan, and during this journey the five professional assassins will discover that they are after the same target.

The film, which combines speed with action, battles to the death and other interests, made its theatrical debut a few months ago, but for those who missed the boat, it is now available for streaming.


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