Brad Pitt: “Angelina Jolie damaged my winery by selling it to a shady stranger”

Brad Pitt accuses Angelina Jolie of intentionally damaging the reputation of the winery he had carefully built by selling it to a dodgy buyer.

Brad Pitt accused the ex-wife Angelina Jolie to have damaged the reputation of the winery who was previously co-owned by selling his half to a disreputable stranger who would be embroiled in shady deals.

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In 2008, the two stars, who share six children, bought the shares of the vineyard and the Château Miraval estate in the south of France, where they married in 2014 and spent several family holidays during their relationship.

During the lawsuit that pits them against custody of the children, Brad Pitt allegedly stated before the court that the ex-wife has intentionally “tried to inflict damage on him” by selling his part of the winery despite a previous agreement also requiring his consent to the sale.

In documents filed by Brad Pitt’s legal team at the Los Angeles County Superior Court last Friday and obtained by PEOPLE, the actor allegedly stated that Miraval became his passion project, becoming “a multi-million dollar global business and one of the most respected rosé producers in the wine industry” through his work. The actor accuses Angelina Jolie of not having contributed “not at all for Miraval’s success”.

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In the documents, Pitt’s lawyers say Angelina Jolie had planned to sell her stake in October in Tenute del Mondo, which is “determined to take control of Miraval” and it’s “indirectly owned and controlled by Yuri Shefler, the Russian billionaire who controls the Stoli Group.”

“Jolie allegedly pursued and then consummated the alleged sale in secret, purposely keeping Pitt in the dark and knowingly violating his contractual rights as Pitt.”reads the document.

According to lawyers, Yuri Shefler has launched a hostile takeover of Miraval and is trying to get it “confidential information for the benefit of its competitor”. Documents accuse Shefler of enforcing “ruthless trading tactics and having dubious professional associations”who themselves “jeopardize the reputation of the brand that Pitt has so painstakingly built.” They add: “Angelina Jolie tried to force Pitt to team up with a stranger and, worse still, a stranger with poisonous associations and intentions.”.

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