Brad Pitt declares war on Angelina Jolie and hires detective to undo illegal business

The actor Brad Pitt is betting big to continue his lawsuit against and ex-wife Angelina Jolie. This time, he turned to a private detective, in order to find the Russian oligarch who would have bought the actress’ share in one of his businesses.

The process began after she sold her stake in a successful winery that the couple owned. The sale would have been illegal, as both agreed that they could never make a deal without first agreeing.

However, it seems that Angelina did not respect the clause, and passed on her share to a famous businessman in the alcoholic beverage industry, Yuri Shefler. According to Brad, the move would have been designed to damage his reputation and compromise the company’s name.

“She sold her stake with the knowledge and the intention that Yuri and his team would try to take control of the business to which Brad has dedicated himself, thus undermining his investment in Miraval,” read an excerpt from the lawsuit.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Reproduction/Youtube)

the star of Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood stated that the new partners were aggressive and even made threats against him.

The couple held their wedding there

The property, which was also the stage for the couple’s wedding ceremony, became a family environment, where they had good times with their family.

In addition, the winery, which is located in the south of France, has become a worldwide success, providing some of the best wines in the country and standing out for the production of luxurious rosé wines.

Angelina’s decision would have come after the divorce, when the star would not have been satisfied with the court’s decision to share custody of the children. A source close to the celebrities, she stated that Brad was the one who was really involved in the business and that she didn’t really care.

”She violated the rights of the one person who poured money and sweat into the success of the business, intending to sell both the company and the family home to a third-party competitor,” the informant said.

Recently, he asked the judge for another deadline to find the businessman who stayed with the other party and confirmed that he hired a detective to locate the partner, who would be linked to the president. Vladimir Putin.

The document states that he “is working with investigators to determine the defendants’ addresses and with foreign law firms to facilitate service under the Hague Convention.”

Angelina has not commented on the case.

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